There are many challenges in the careers of professional baseball players. Early into a player’s career, they have to work hard to find their niche and how they can contribute to the Major League level.

For this reason, many young players experience ups and downs early on. These hardships are what MLBbro CJ Abrams is finding out now ins his second MLB season.


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Not too long ago, CJ Abrams was a top prospect for the San Diego Padres. Last year, in a blockbuster trade that was made to bring the Washington Nationals to rebuild to a resounding jump off, they traded established players Juan Soto and MLBbro Josh Bell for young players with bright futures, one of whom was the electrifying shortstop, CJ Abrams.


The Nationals were interested in acquiring Abrams as a critical offensive building block for the Nationals. And while the potential is easy to see in the MLBbro, the early inconsistencies have been troublesome, however typical for a 22-year-old with only 131 games under his belt.


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Abrams got off to a slow start to the season, batting only .225 with 22 strikeouts in 26 games between April and May. However, the MLBbro improved dramatically in May, batting .280 with only 13 strikeouts. The Nationals depend heavily on the play of Abrams, as evidenced by the difference in their record when he produces.

Out of the 40 games he started, the Nationals have won 16 and lost 24. In the 16 wins, Abrams has batted .373 with an OPS of 1.030. In the 24 losses, his batting average falls all the way down to .150. Monday the Nationals Won 10-3 with Abrams providing two hits, one a home run.

However they would lose Tuesday and Wednesday, Abrams producing zero hits in noth games. This shows that Abrams drives the team and is integral to their success.


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The Nationals are rebuilding, and after trading the likes of Trea Turner and Juan Soto last season, they are in need of someone to take over as the offensive leader.

This is a tall task for the 22-year-old, but Washington has been known to place enormous expectations on young talent, just as they did years ago with Bryce Harper. More growing pains will surely come, but if the performance Abrams has put together this month foreshadows what his second season will look like, the sky is the limit in Washington.


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