The Seattle Mariners were excited to see their talented outfielder Kyle Lewis back in action on Tuesday.

And we were, too.

It’s almost been a year since Lewis last played in an MLB game. The time finally came for him against the Oakland Athletics. Lewis put on a show for the home crowd, going 2-for-4 as the Mariners suffered a 7-5 loss to the A’s.

Lewis was the designated hitter in his season debut and you couldn’t help but smile seeing him walk up to the plate.

In an article from The Seattle Times, Lewis talked about the experience and how it felt for him in his first game back.

“Really, really special,” Lewis said of the atmosphere during the game. “I had just kind of a little moment of reflection. Just being out for so long to get that kind of reception, it definitely made me feel special.”

And our MLBbro looked good out there for someone who hadn’t suited up and played a big league game since last May..



“My swing felt good, it felt like I wanted it to,” he said. “But I really wanted that one later in the game just to try to help us get the win, but it’s still good to be back.”

Lewis suffered a right meniscus tear last season in June and was forced to miss the remainder of the season. That was a big blow to the Mariners’ organization and certainly a big blow to Lewis’ career. Going into this season, the big question was: When will Lewis return? 

Now that he’s back in action, Seattle will keep a close eye and monitor Lewis daily.



Mariners manager Scott Servais talked about how good he thought Lewis looked before the game on Tuesday.

“I talked to him after the game last night and he felt like it was good to go,” he said pregame. “He’s moving around OK this morning, so he’ll be back out there and hopefully keep swinging it. I thought he looked really good last night. It’s a good way to start, great to have him back in our lineup, hopefully he can do even bigger things today.”

Servais was also pleased with the 26-year-old’s performance and knows it’s not easy coming back after being away for an extended period of time.

“It’s hard to walk out and perform like that right out of the chute,” Servais said. “He did last night. He looked very comfortable. His timing was really good. That’s the thing you’re most worried about when players show up again. I know he’s been playing in Triple-A, but sometimes it gets a little bit different. The velocity picks up here and the lights get a little brighter.”

Lewis has put up some productive numbers throughout his career. He has hit over .240 in each of his three seasons, showing signs of promise.

He is an all-around talent who can hit for power and run with speed. In the field he can cover a lot of ground and has an above-average arm. Lewis definitely can be the future centerfielder for the Mariners –  if he can stay healthy.

Each game he plays in will be an important one and he will have all the eyes on him as well. But Lewis is ready to showcase his talents and play at a high level.

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