MLB Lockout Is In Effect | All Fans Can Do Is Wait For The Millionaires To Figure Out The Bag

MLB Lockout Is In Effect | All Fans Can Do Is Wait For The Millionaires To Figure Out The Bag

MLB has stopped.

Owners locked out the players – including around 85 MLBbros – at 12:01am ET today, on Dec. 2, after the current collective bargaining agreement expired.

It’s the first time in 26 years that baseball has had a work stoppage. The last time was 1994 when the players had a strike and the World Series that season was not played.

The two sides met briefly on Wednesday, but made no progress. This time around, most MLB insiders expect that the two sides will come to a swift agreement and that this is just a process that has to happen.

The owners believe that a work stoppage is the only way to jumpstart negotiations.
Baseball has never been financially healthier with gross revenues over $10 billion.

Issues That Have To Be Resolved 

1. The owners basically want things to stay the same and add expanded playoffs.

2.  The players are looking for the right to get to free agency quicker, maybe four years instead of the current six. Plus, the players want a universal designed hitter in both leagues.

3. There are other issues, but those are the biggest on the table. MLB commissioner

Rob Manfred issued a letter to fans on Thursday morning via Here’s a part of it:

“I first want to thank you for your continued support of the great game of baseball. This past season, we were reminded of how the national pastime can bring us together and restore our hope despite the difficult challenges of a global pandemic.

As we began to emerge from one of the darkest periods in our history, our ballparks were filled with fans; the games were filled with excitement; and millions of families felt the joy of watching baseball together.

“That is why I am so disappointed about the situation in which our game finds itself today.

Despite the league’s best efforts to make a deal with the Players Association, we were unable to extend our 26-year history of labor peace and come to an agreement with the MLBPA before the current CBA expired.

Therefore, we have been forced to commence a lockout of Major League players, effective at 12:01am ET on December 2.

“I want to explain how we got here and why we have to take this action today. Simply put, we believe that an offseason lockout is the best mechanism to protect the 2022 season. We hope the lockout will jumpstart negotiations and get us an agreement that will allow the start of the season on time.”

4th Lockout In MLB History 

In the history of baseball, there have been three previous lockouts. And in those, no games were missed in the regular season.

The last two were in 1990 and 1985.
The best possible scenario is that the two sides get down to business and figure out a way to slice this pice without turning off the fan base.

If an agreement can be reached by February, pitcher and catchers can report by the 15th in time for spring training.
Stay tuned.

Black Fans Celebrate Atlanta Braves Championship | Braves Bring World Series Title To The A

Black Fans Celebrate Atlanta Braves Championship | Braves Bring World Series Title To The A

Atlanta — Before the Atlanta Braves Championship parade made its way up I-75 to Truist Park in Cobb County, the team made sure to return to their roots.

The Braves championship parade began in the heart of Downtown Atlanta, with thousands of fans lining the street to celebrate the Braves first World Series championship since 1995.

The Champions, in a motorcade that included F150’s, trolly cars and the classic double decker buses, headed down historic Peachtree street to celebrate with the city.

The only thing that could have made the day better was seeing the Commissioner’s Trophy drive down Hank Aaron Boulevard.

The parade never made it down to the Summerhill neighborhood on Atlanta’s Southeast side, and for many Black Braves fans this remains a tough subject.

“Its complicated,” said Braves fan Philip Butler when I asked him about the Braves Championship. “I’m from Atlanta and I love this city, but we know what the move to Cobb was about and I don’t necessarily rock with that. But I will always root for Atlanta, it’s that simple.”

But if for only one day, it wasn’t about where the Braves call home or the 14 mile distance between old Turner Field and their new stomping grounds.

“26 years of heartbreak, and we finally made it,” said Jarrett King, a 32 year old lifelong Braves fan. “We’ve have blown leads with the Braves, Chipper only got one ring, we already know about the Falcons… but this one was for OG Atlanta. We finally got one. I have never seen a parade in Atlanta for something that mattered until today.”

The city came out to celebrate the team that, at least for this year, put to rest years of post season heartbreak to finally deliver a championship.

There will always be the “28 to 3” jokes, referencing the Falcons Super Bowl collapse, but the Braves clinching this title In Houston felt like a gift from the Sports gods.

Even after winning a championship and announcing their victory celebration, there was still speculation that two different parades was a sign that the Braves abandoned the city for their shiny new digs up north.

When I asked Braves fan Brian King about this sentiment, he gave a different perspective.

“They still have Atlanta across their chest. They may be in a different county,  but they are technically still in Atlanta. The fact that the parade came through Atlanta and not just Cobb County shows you that they still have love for Atlanta.”’s Best of Dusty Baker 2021| Darren Baker Gets Drafted By Washington Nationals’s Best of Dusty Baker 2021| Darren Baker Gets Drafted By Washington Nationals

Dusty Baker has been an MLB player and manager dating back to the 70s. His complete baseball resume is second to none. He might even get that elusive World Series ring this October.

2021 has been a year of accomplishments for Dusty, but his shining moment was when son Darren Baker was drafted in the 10th round of the MLB Draft by Dusty’s former team, the Washington Nationals.

A proud Papa moment for a guy who was also a great Dad.’s Best of Dusty Baker 2021 | Dusty’s Iconic Moments’s Best of Dusty Baker 2021 | Dusty’s Iconic Moments

Dusty Baker is headed back to the World Series for the third time.

After two heartbreaking attempts with the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs, Dusty hopes this third time is truly a charm with the Astros.

The 72-year-old manager, just 13 wins of the exclusive 2,000-win club, continues to break records, outmaneuver his counterparts and chase Cooperstown. Dusty represents the ageless heartbeat of the game.

He’s been a present participant in so many historical moments throughout history.