Triston “Dr. Sticks” McKenzie Has To Leave The Walks and Home Runs Alone: Two Or More Homers Surrendered In Last Three Starts

Triston “Dr. Sticks” McKenzie Has To Leave The Walks and Home Runs Alone: Two Or More Homers Surrendered In Last Three Starts

The Cleveland Guardians are one of the best teams in Major League Baseball. sitting atop the American League Central with a 40-21 record.


They are several games ahead of the other teams in a surprisingly competitive American League Central division. While the team has benefited from a balanced lineup, steady and consistent pitching has once again been a focal point for the team.


One pitcher, MLBbro Triston McKenzie has been having an up and down season but still seems to benefit the club when taking the mound.


Cleveland Guardians Pitcher Triston McKenzie Is Entrenched In Ohio Community


 McKenzie has started 12 games for the Guardians this season and has a pedestrian 2-3 record. However, the Guardians are 6-1 in his last seven starts. Not a single one of these starts resulted in a win for the MLBbro pitcher. He has been giving up lots of walks and home runs in each of his past four starts as well.


He’s given up two or more home runs in each of his last three starts and he’s walked 15 batters in his last five starts.


These numbers could be concerning for the team but there are many positives to take away from this as well. The MLBbro has been able to consume a lot of innings, which bodes well for a team with the best bullpen in all of baseball. 


Is It Foul Or Fair To Say That Triston McKenzie Is The Key To Cleveland Guardians AL Central title ?


Dr. Sticks hasn’t been his potentially-dominating self this season, but he is a workhorse. By consuming innings, he constantly gives the club an opportunity to utilize their strengths. His strikeout numbers are still impressive, but the walks are still too high for him to reach another level. The Guardians are already amongst baseball’s elite.


If their MLBbro can take another leap, they can be bonafide contenders come this fall. Cemented as a part of the rotation, there is no pressure that the MLBbro is going to be removed, so he has time to work on his craft and become an integral part of the team’ success.


No Static | Major League Baseball Finally Incorporates Negro League Stats Into The Majors’

No Static | Major League Baseball Finally Incorporates Negro League Stats Into The Majors’

The landscape of MLB history took a dramatic shift on Wednesday with the integration of Negro League stats into the MLB database. And while many of these Negro league players who will be shown are already either in the Hall of Fame or well-known, this will enhance the image of MLBbros collectively. For starters, three of the top five leaders in batting average are now MLBbros, including Josh Gibson first overall. So many different narratives will now have to come into play when discussing all-time greats.


(Some) Negro League Stats Officially Recognized By

Naturally talents like Josh Gibson will now be debated as the greatest hitter ever with context to support it, but there will be so many more that are appreciated. For baseball historians this gives a whole new flock of players to learn about and appreciate. Players like Oscar Charleston and Jud Wilson are sure to be examined closely as their hitting resumes are impressive and now in full display.


Crown Me | Negro League Legend Josh Gibson Surpasses Babe Ruth and Ty Cobb On New MLB Statistical Leaderboards

This also changes the legacies of players who converted from the Negro Leagues such as Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson who saw their hits total increase by ten and 49 respectively. This could not have come at a better time as the percentage of Black players is at an all-time low. This is inspiring and should spark more involvement and interest for future black players and current ones. Every sport has icons of the past that young players use to model their game after and now there is easier access to Black players who weren’t in the Major Leagues but still proven to be some of the greatest baseball players of all time. There is sure to be pushback with the addition of these stats, as some players will drop in career rankings, but if the ultimate goal of the MLB is to completely display the entire history of baseball, then this was a necessity.  This is further proving the Black and Brown players have and always will be integral to the game of baseball.


Why The Negro Leagues Still Matter | It Was Never an Inferior League, The Proof Is In Books

CJ Abrams Puts In His Early Season Bid For All-Star Selection

CJ Abrams Puts In His Early Season Bid For All-Star Selection

In the Fall of 2022, the Washington Nationals traded MLB All-Star Juan Soto. At the time it was a necessary move, but not the most popular one as the team sent out a young stud who helped bring a World Series championship.


There was a lot gained in the trade in the form of prospects and in 2024 the Nationals seem to have replaced that loss with a blossoming star in MLBbro CJ Abrams, whom was part of the deal.


FACTZ| The Elevation of Shortstop CJ Abrams Fuels Young Washington Nationals


CJ Abrams 2024 Season With All-Star Intentions


Since last year the MLBbro has cemented himself as the shortstop of the future for the Nationals, and a dugout leader. Abrams batted .295 in his first 26 games this season, totaling seven home runs and seven stolen bases. He could possibly reach a 30 -homer 30-steal season.


This is the best the team has started a season since their championship season in 2019. With the MLBbro on track to make perhaps his first All-Star Game he is delivering on the expectation that was placed on him when he was drafted sixth overall.


CJ Abrams Lists His Mount Rushmore of Shortstops… Lists Ours


CJ Abrams Glove is Elite


Although Abrams is currently struggling in May offensively, he is still delivering on the defensive side of the ball.


His teammate MacKenzie Gore, who also came to Washington in the Soto trade, has said that the MLBbro is emerging as a great player and that the team goes as he goes. Batting primarily as the leadoff hitter, he has been great setting the tone atop the lineup.


He is best when first-pitch swinging, batting .342 in such instances. The Nationals have lost Bryce Harper, Juan Soto, and Stephen Strausburg in recent years and are looking for their next star to bloom. The team has already begun contract extension talks with Abrams, showing his importance to the team.


An All-Star selection for the MLBbro shortstop this summer can cement him as a major cornerstone piece going forward.

Yankees Survive Aaron Judge Slump: Now That’s He’s Hitting, Sky Is The Limit For Pinstripes

Yankees Survive Aaron Judge Slump: Now That’s He’s Hitting, Sky Is The Limit For Pinstripes

The New York Yankees are one of the top teams in all of baseball.

They have maintained their place amongst the league’s elite even with MLBbro Aaron Judge performing below his standards in April.  Despite the slow start, the fact that the Yankees offense has still been producing, shows that he may have more assistance than he has had in previous years.

The addition of Juan Soto and the usual power of MLBbro Giancarlo Stanton has helped tremendously. 


Aaron Judge Can Afford To Slump Now, The Well-Rounded Yankees Are Winning


Aaron Judge’s Bats Come Alive In May


Judge has gotten red hot in the month of May. Judge is north of .370 and has an on-base percentage hovering .500 for the current month. Judge has always been the key to the Yankees returning to the World Series and winning it all. When Judge goes on one of his tears, the team is virtually unbeatable. Judge’s batting average is less than .100 in the teams 15 losses, showing the importance of their team leader and how he is directly linked to their winning.


#HIGHFIVE (Week 6): Aaron Judge, Marcus Semien Turning Up


There was never a doubt that Judge would eventually find his elite form, but there was also no pressure on him to do so this early in the season. The Yankees have witnessed the past few years that their team can excel early and then flame out in the playoffs. This year they want to be clicking in October.


While it is good that Judge is finding his form, he needs to make sure that he can maintain this or parlay it into postseason success. But if the last two weeks prove anything, it’s that Judge does not need much to get hot. Just over a month ago the baseball world was concerned that Judge was beginning to decline, but now he is on one of the best two week stretches in the majors currently. 

As the season plays out, as long as Judge is healthy, the Yankees will be competitive.

Break Up The Bros? | Miami’s Soul Patrol Hasn’t Paid Dividends, Everybody Is Available

Break Up The Bros? | Miami’s Soul Patrol Hasn’t Paid Dividends, Everybody Is Available

For years the Miami Marlins have struggled to keep a consistent roster together. With a poor record (10-29) to start the season, a playoff run looks highly unlikely this season. 

Also, in traditional Marlins’ fashion, the team has already begun to sell off big name players as last week they traded Luis Arraez to the San Diego Padres. The fire sale mode of the team could mean that multiple MLBbros could be on the move.

These MLBbros could benefit from a change of scenery and this unstable losing environment.


MLBbro Jazz Chisholm Will Recover From Slow Start As Long As He’s Healthy


Jazz Chisholm Jr.

This MLBbro has spent his entire five-year career with the Marlins, and he has electrified their fans with his flashy style and innovative style.

While ideally Chisholm would be a cornerstone piece for the future of the team, there is no certainty of this. Currently the MLBbro center fielder is batting .236 with five home runs and 20 RBI.

Jazz was an All-Star as recently as 2022 and still provides great speed and versatility, being able to play second base, shortstop, and center field. He is under team control for the next two seasons, so his availability is something to monitor around the league.


There’s Always Room For Thirds: “Bro-dictions” Part III: These MLBbros Are Serious


Josh Bell

When the Miami Marlins acquired Josh Bell last year, he showed surges of power and was supposed to provide the team with a run-producer in the middle of the lineup. 

He was much more impressive with them than he was with his previous team the Cleveland Guardians, hitting the same number of homers in 53 games with Miami (11) as he hit in 97 games with the Guardians.

This year has been bad to say the least. He is on pace for the worst statistical season of his career. There are numerous teams who are always willing to take a chance at switch-hitting power. What Bell lacks defensively, he makes up for with his effectiveness as a DH. He can also fill in as a below average first baseman defensively. When he’s rolling he’s a force. 



Tim Anderson

Our last MLBbro in this entry has been on the decline for some time.

Signing Tim Anderson made a lot of sense at the time, adding a veteran to a younger team should have yielded dividends. However, Anderson has struggled to hit for power (zero home runs) and average (.203). With him still providing solid defense at shortstop he could possibly end up on a team willing to take a chance on him, especially due to his manageable contract status (one-year $5 million). But this experiment has simply not worked for the Marlins and if given a decent offer for the MLBbro they should readily accept.


Tim Anderson Rebounding From Last Season’s Chicago Nightmare