This is a very attractive time in the MLB season. Teams are playing for a spot in the postseason and it’s a competitive battle. Just ask the Seattle Mariners, who are in the driver’s seat to secure one of the three AL Wild Card slots. If the Mariners make the postseason, it will be the first time that star shortstop, J.P. Crawford will play in the postseason and the first time in two decades that the franchise made the postseason. 

Crawford’s had a lot of success in his five full MLB seasons. Our MLBbro has established himself as an elite defender and has the hardware to back that up, as he won a Gold Glove Award back in 2020.



He has proven himself to be a leader on the field and has gained a lot of respect throughout the league.

Every player wants a shot to play in the World Series at some point of their career. But to get there, you have to make the postseason first. Crawford has a real opportunity to play beyond the month of September. 


JP Crawford Is On His Way To A Second Gold Glove & Possibly His First Taste Of MLB Playoff Life



And he has a pretty talented team around him as well. The Mariners have been one of the most exciting teams to watch, especially during the second half of the season. In August, we talked about how Crawford will play a vital role in Seattle’s playoff push and that continues to hold true.


JP Crawford Is Vital to Seattle’s Playoff Push | There’s A Next Level For This MLBbro


Now that he’s developed into a leader, his presence on the field is very contagious, and in a good way. Whether he’s making Gold Glove plays at shortstop or coming through with a clutch hit at the plate, Crawford is a guy you want on your team, especially at this point in the season. He’s also battled some injuries to remain in the lineup and help Seattle make this historical push. 

This is where the true ballers step up and make a name for themselves and you better believe that Crawford will do all that he can. So, this will be an exciting finish to the season and could be the next level up in Crawford’s career. A chance for the world to see him on the big stage. It’s what the MLBbro community has been waiting for. This year it can finally come true.

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