Trent Grisham continues to make a name for himself in his third MLB season with the San Diego Padres.

The Padres certainly benefited from acquiring him from the Milwaukee Brewers in 2019. 

Grisham is on the verge of having a career season and he’s been a key player for the Padres this season.

While he may be in the shadows of the superstars that the Padres have on their team, this brother can play with the best of them.


Our MLBbro has been scorching it up lately at the plate. In his last seven games, he’s hit a stealth .421 with five RBI and three runs scored.

Ever since Grisham made his Major League debut in 2019, he’s been determined to succeed and play at a high-level.


Meet Trent Grisham, The Padres Star No One Is Talking About

This season, he’s done just that. He has played his way into a Padres’ lineup that is one of the best in the league.

While he’s had success this season, there was a stretch where he struggled, especially at the plate.

From July 25 to August 1, Grisham was hitless at the plate. During that stretch he went 0-for-20. Now, that’s a slump right there, but hardly unusual in a sport of streaks and slumps like baseball. 

But Grisham did not let that stretch phase him one bit and on August 3, he ended his slump with a 2-for-5 performance against the Oakland Athletics.

Look, it’s not easy to hit in the majors and Grisham knows he has to constantly work on his game to become an above average hitter.

The last two or three years, that’s what I’ve been focusing on throughout the year,” Grisham told The San Diego Union-Tribune about his approach at the plate and making contact.

“When I stray from that, it’s usually when things go awry. It’s always a focal point for me. Make sure that I can go get the ball out front. But there’s other caveats with that.

“You can’t just go get everything out front if you can’t see the ball. You can’t just go get out front if your direction is not there. So there’s a lot of caveats. It’s all about mixing those together and making sure to stay on your swing.”


Grisham’s bat has been on fire during August. He went on a four-game hitting streak early in the month and had a two-hit performance in three straight games.

Going into August 13, he was riding a four-game hitting streak and he’s added more depth to the Padres’ lineup.

Not only can Grisham hit, he is a solid defender. When he’s in the outfield, his range is unlimited and he can absolutely go get them.


When you have a player like Grisham, it’s hard to keep a rare talent like him out of the lineup, especially when he’s playing well.

If he continues to play well, he certainly has the tools help the Padres battle for a playoff spot in the loaded NL West. 

These next few months will be big for our MLBbro, so make sure you keep taps on Grisham. He’s another young star that will make the Padres World Series contenders

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