Baseball is a rare sport where failure is more common than success. Therefore, it comes with more lows than highs, but when you put it into perspective, the thrill of those highs will easily outweigh the lows.

Atlanta Braves top prospects Michael Harris II, the organization’s 2019 third-round selection out of Stockbridge High School in Georgia, was drafted as a player of value, but has turned himself into the Braves top prospect.


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Rising MLBbro Stars 

Harris now in Double-AA, killed it in 31 games at the rookie-level, with a .349/.403/.514/.917 slash line. Right out the gate with the Mississippi Braves, Harris II has shown a knack for getting on base. Boasting a recent 30-game on base streak is a sign of that ability to consistently reach the squares. He credits that amazing feat to having a daily routine, which he considers essential.



In an interview earlier this month, Harris II had this to say ….

“I think it’s about finding a good routine and following it every day. One that works for you, and not copying someone else. Then following it every day and feeling good about it.”


Harris Has Been Very Successful In His Move Up To Double-AA

Harris II has been great at the plate, batting a sizzling .304 with a .353 on-base percentage. He’s even shown a nice bit of power, hitting four long balls in that stretch.

Harris was sensational in Single-A Rome, and his call-up to Double-A allowed him to be around Braves stars Ozzie Albies and Danby Swanson in March. He called it an unreal experience.

“It was huge,” Harris said of running elbows with guys who have made it to where he’s trying to go. “Growing up watching the Braves and being around the players I watched as a kid, it gave me a lot of motivation. It opened my eyes to what my future could really be.”



 Harris II Is Braves Future Outfielder: Has All The Tools

The plan is for Harris II to join the defending World Series champion Braves sometime in 2023. There he’ll he teamed with the Albies, Swanson and star player Ronald Acuna Jr. Harris’ knack for getting on-base will fit seamlessly with the aggressive playing style of the Braves’ Big Three and would give the Braves even more speed and punch on the base pads.

The Braves, brass has envisioned a Harris, Acuna, Albies outfield for years to come. Harris just wants to keep getting better and showing he belongs.



“Now that the streak’s number is so high, it’s just more motivation to get on base. But I’m just trying to do what I can do to help the team win, whether that’s hitting, walking or baserunning. I’m just trying to do that everyday.”

Brian Snitker, the former Mississippi Braves manager and current manager of the Atlanta Braves has big plans for his prized prospect.

 He told reporters this in April.

 “I’m all over Michael Harris. I love that kid. It’s hard not to. He just needs more experience.”

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