“It’s About Finding A Good Routine And Following It Everyday” | Braves Top Prospect Michael Harris II Keeps Positive Outlook 

“It’s About Finding A Good Routine And Following It Everyday” | Braves Top Prospect Michael Harris II Keeps Positive Outlook 

Baseball is a rare sport where failure is more common than success. Therefore, it comes with more lows than highs, but when you put it into perspective, the thrill of those highs will easily outweigh the lows.

Atlanta Braves top prospects Michael Harris II, the organization’s 2019 third-round selection out of Stockbridge High School in Georgia, was drafted as a player of value, but has turned himself into the Braves top prospect.


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Rising MLBbro Stars 

Harris now in Double-AA, killed it in 31 games at the rookie-level, with a .349/.403/.514/.917 slash line. Right out the gate with the Mississippi Braves, Harris II has shown a knack for getting on base. Boasting a recent 30-game on base streak is a sign of that ability to consistently reach the squares. He credits that amazing feat to having a daily routine, which he considers essential.



In an interview earlier this month, Harris II had this to say ….

“I think it’s about finding a good routine and following it every day. One that works for you, and not copying someone else. Then following it every day and feeling good about it.”


Harris Has Been Very Successful In His Move Up To Double-AA

Harris II has been great at the plate, batting a sizzling .304 with a .353 on-base percentage. He’s even shown a nice bit of power, hitting four long balls in that stretch.

Harris was sensational in Single-A Rome, and his call-up to Double-A allowed him to be around Braves stars Ozzie Albies and Danby Swanson in March. He called it an unreal experience.

“It was huge,” Harris said of running elbows with guys who have made it to where he’s trying to go. “Growing up watching the Braves and being around the players I watched as a kid, it gave me a lot of motivation. It opened my eyes to what my future could really be.”



 Harris II Is Braves Future Outfielder: Has All The Tools

The plan is for Harris II to join the defending World Series champion Braves sometime in 2023. There he’ll he teamed with the Albies, Swanson and star player Ronald Acuna Jr. Harris’ knack for getting on-base will fit seamlessly with the aggressive playing style of the Braves’ Big Three and would give the Braves even more speed and punch on the base pads.

The Braves, brass has envisioned a Harris, Acuna, Albies outfield for years to come. Harris just wants to keep getting better and showing he belongs.



“Now that the streak’s number is so high, it’s just more motivation to get on base. But I’m just trying to do what I can do to help the team win, whether that’s hitting, walking or baserunning. I’m just trying to do that everyday.”

Brian Snitker, the former Mississippi Braves manager and current manager of the Atlanta Braves has big plans for his prized prospect.

 He told reporters this in April.

 “I’m all over Michael Harris. I love that kid. It’s hard not to. He just needs more experience.”

“I Just Watched How They Worked” | St. Louis Cardinals Prospect Jordan Walker Models Work Ethic After Nolan Arenado, Cardinals Stars

“I Just Watched How They Worked” | St. Louis Cardinals Prospect Jordan Walker Models Work Ethic After Nolan Arenado, Cardinals Stars

St. Louis Cardinals top prospect Jordan Walker continues to plow through the minor league system like a rocket headed towards baseball heaven. The 19-year-old, sweet-swinging power hitter has played in exactly 55 minor league games, and from the looks of it he won’t be there for much longer. 

The 6-foot-5, 220-pound MLBbro by way of Stone Mountain, Georgia is batting a ridiculous .327 with three homers and 10 steals this season. His .943 OPS is otherworldly, and the kid doesn’t turn 20 until next Sunday.



Walker’s hard work has helped him ascend from the 21st overall pick in the 2020 MLB Draft to MLB’s 29th overall prospect. His defense on the hot corner (third base), has improved dramatically. That with his powerful and efficient bat make him a real candidate to be called up to the big league’s sooner than later.



Not bad for a kid who just finished high school just over a year ago.

Walker Was Around Cardinals Stars Prior To Minors Assignment

Since being drafted by the Cardinals, Walker has been lucky enough to be at the team’s training facility in Juniper, Florida. There, prior to beginning his minor league assignments he was able to see how All-Stars, Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt and Albert Pujols went about their daily routines.

“I just watched how they worked. I don’t even have to talk to them but I just get to watch them play and how they go about their work and how they go about their routine. It shows you what you need to do to get there. Just watching them was truly spectacular.”



Walker Embraced Callup After Dominating Single-A

After dominating Single-A, where the broad-shouldered, slick fielding Walker, batted .317 while playing with Palm Beach and Peoria. Walker got the call up to Double-A. In Single-A he demonstrated some real homerun power, hitting 14 dingers, with some exit velocities reaching the speed of major league power hitters, Juan Soto, Javy Baez and the eclectic Fernando Tatis Jr. The Cardinals felt it was time to move him, to a more challenging level. That power has also translated to the tougher Double-A scene, and is further proof that his power should translate just fine to Triple-A and the majors.

Walker made his Double-A debut in April, and he could hardly taper the excitement of the moment.

“It’s been pretty exciting. Baseball is fun and it’s been my dream to do this ever since I started playing at four years old. All I can say is that the excitement is here and I’m ready to get going.”

When it comes to performing on the field, Walker is taking it all in stride. He understands the ups, downs and intricacies of baseball and as you move up the ladder it gets harder and harder to succeed because your strengths and weaknesses are studied like a mathematical equation. 

“There’s still a lot of things to work on for sure,” Walker said. “All in all, I’m pretty happy with where I am right now.”

The projection was for Walker to make his MLB debut in 2024, but if he keeps playing this way it could be sooner.

“Just Watching Him As A Kid, I Always Wanted To Have His Sweet Swing” | Top 2022 Prospect Termarr Johnson Models His Game After Robinson Cano

“Just Watching Him As A Kid, I Always Wanted To Have His Sweet Swing” | Top 2022 Prospect Termarr Johnson Models His Game After Robinson Cano

Termarr Johnson is a 5-foot-10- and 175-pound sweet swinging second baseman who stars for Mays High School in Atlanta, Georgia.

The 18-year-old Johnson is one of the most fascinating prospects in the 2022 MLB Draft. He’s also the No.1 ranked high school baseball player in the country.

That sweet swing Johnson has developed comes from years of batting cage work and honing his craft daily. He grew up watching and emulating MLBBros like Matt Kemp, Jason Heyward, but his favorite player was Robinson Cano. In fact, Johnson talked about his admiration for the talented former Yankee second baseman.

“Just watching him as a kid, I always wanted to have his sweet swing. That’s everything I just have been chasing ever since I was a kid. My approach always came from me just watching my brothers. I watch them hit and how they would take pitches and how to take control of everything. I always wanted to do that and they helped me learn how to do that and made me a better player.”

Johnson Wants To See An Uptick Of African-Americans In Baseball

As of 2021 only 7% of MLB rosters featured Black players. The young, inquisitive Johnson would like to see MLB create more opportunities and even more programs to spread the game to the inner cities.

“In basketball, you see guys like me who ball and are successful. In football too, you see a lot of guys who are successful and guys want to be like that but not so much in baseball,” Johnson said. 

Johnson Is High On Pirates Draft Board: And With Good Reason

While his size may cause a bit of a slide for him on some draft boards, the Pittsburgh Pirates seem like an ideal landing spot for him in the upcoming draft. Many scouts project Johnson as the best hitter in the draft, who’s capable of being a .300 hitter with 30-homer power. That comparison likens him to the aforementioned Cano or for power purposes, Astros second baseman Jose Altuve.

Blessed with elite bat speed and outstanding pop, Johnson’s a very explosive hitter who’s been capable of spraying the entire field with his bat. His opposite-field power is astounding considering he’s just 18. Johnson’s development up the ladder will be one worth watching.

Johnson Strives To Be A Great At Baseball And In Life

For an 18-year-old, Johnson seems to be mature beyond his years. He just wants to get drafted and play.

“For me honestly, I just want to be a baseball player. It doesn’t matter if I get drafted in the 40th round or the first round. I just want to be a baseball player. It doesn’t matter what route I go. I really don’t know my route but at the end of the day, I just want to be a baseball player and be one of the best baseball players to play the game.”


Being a positive role model is also very important to Johnson and something he’ll strive to accomplish.

“I don’t want anybody to have any bad blood with me, cause at the end of the day, I feel like it’s more important for me to be a good person, than a good baseball player … When I look back on my career, I want to be looked at as that type of person and type of baseball player.”

Look out for this high school phenom who is on his way to becoming an MLBbro.

“I Just Had More Love For Baseball Than Football” | IMG Academy’s Elijah Green Could Be Top Overall Pick In 2022 MLB Draft”

“I Just Had More Love For Baseball Than Football” | IMG Academy’s Elijah Green Could Be Top Overall Pick In 2022 MLB Draft”

The Baltimore Orioles currently hold the top overall pick in the 2022 MLB Draft, which takes place from July 17-19 in Los Angeles.

Many mock drafts have Cal-Poly stud shortstop Brooks Lee headed to Baltimore with the top overall pick, followed by outfielder Druw Jones of Wesleyan HS in Georgia. Jones is the son of former MLB great Andruw Jones.

There’s another intriguing prospect down in Bradenton, Florida at IMG Academy, who goes by the name of Elijah Green, who stands a hulking 6-foot-3 and 225 pounds.

The physically imposing athletic specimen has that rare blend of speed and raw power that franchises crave.



Green As The No.1 Pick Isn’t Farfetched: He Has Ties To The City Already

Green, who spent last summer playing for the Philadelphia Phillies scout team, has already signed to play his college ball in nearby Coral Gables for the Miami Hurricanes.

Coming up, Green spent some years in “Charm City,” as his dad Eric was a former tight end for the Baltimore Ravens.

Elijah was lucky to be around the likes of former Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome, Pro Football Hall of Famer Ray Lewis and Ravens head coach John Harbaugh daily. He even got to attend some Orioles games with his dad, where he met former O’s manager Buck Showalter.

In a recent interview, Eric reflected on his time in Baltimore, and what it would mean for his son to return as the top overall pick.

“I didn’t want to leave Baltimore. I had to be pushed out the door because I loved every bit of my experience in Baltimore, I love Ozzie Newsome, I saw his vision coming.”

When asked about Elijah returning to Baltimore to play baseball, an excited Eric was quick to respond …

“That would be great. That would be fantastic.”



Elijah On Why He Chose Baseball Over Football

 Elijah was a standout football player coming up, but he decided he’d play baseball. While he excelled in both, many believed he’d take the football route. He didn’t, and he explained why in an interview last year.

 I chose baseball because I just had more love for baseball than football. And I just wanted to have my own career. You know, football was always great to me, my dad playing in the NFL and all that, and him being my coach. And it was just a great experience for me during those six years of me playing football, but I just had to make the tough decision to quit football and play baseball. Sometimes I miss football, but it just wasn’t my dream. I just knew baseball was my dream.”


Green Has All The Tools: He’s A Five-Tool Prospect

While Green is blessed with that rare blend of elite power and speed, that’s not just as an offensive threat. He’s also a very solid defensive player, with the range, instincts, arm strength and a good glove to play anywhere in the outfield.

Even with his big frame, his range is still expansive enough to handle the demands of centerfield. Some other quality traits he possesses as his hitter, is his ability to spray the ball to all parts of the field. Finally, he’s fierce competitor, who has a knack for stepping up against better competition, a true sign of a future MLB alpha in the clubhouse.

Green could go anywhere from 1-3 in the upcoming draft, but if the Orioles want to land the possible MLB equivalent to NFL Hall of Famer Ray Lewis, Green checks all the boxes. The Orioles fans deserve a young talented stud like this to build around, they’ve suffered enough.

“He’s One The Best, If Not The Best Hitter I’ve Ever Scouted In Our Area | Marlins 2021 First Round Pick SS Kahlil Watson Is The Goods

“He’s One The Best, If Not The Best Hitter I’ve Ever Scouted In Our Area | Marlins 2021 First Round Pick SS Kahlil Watson Is The Goods

For Miami Marlins shortstop Kahlil Watson, playing baseball is something the sweet-hitting, solid-fielding shortstop was born to do. The 16th overall pick in the 2021 MLB Draft, is what baseball connoisseurs consider a five-tool prospect. One who combines that rare blend of speed, throwing, fielding, hitting for average and hitting with power.



Watson has all of that in his arsenal. He’s sort of reminiscent of his former boss and a guy who was influential in drafting Watson, Hall of Famer and New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter. If there’s one thing “DJ2” knows it’s playing shortstop and “manning the hole.” He did it at an extremely high-level for 20 years. So drafting Watson was a no-brainer, considering many believed the uber-athletic Watson would go higher.



Watson is the Marlins top-ranked prospect, and he’s showing why in April. At just 18-years-old, he’s doing things unimaginable for most, but expected for a player of his talent. Watson didn’t disappoint in a brief minor-league season (9 games) last summer, hitting .394 (13-33) with three doubles, two triples, five RBIs, 13 runs scored, and four stolen bases.

Watson Led NC State To CWS Semis In 2021: COVID-19 Stole Their Moment

Watson, who committed to NC State as a high school junior, led the Wolfpack to the semifinals of the College World Series in 2021, only to have to bow out after a COVID-19 outbreak ravaged the team.

Head coach Elliott Avent knew he was getting a special talent that would play in the majors. Avent didn’t know how long he’d have the talented Watson in the heart of his lineup and infield.

“We knew it would be difficult to keep him away from Major League Baseball,” Avent recalls. 

When the Marlins took Watson in the 2021 draft, and showed him the money ($4.5 million), it became a reality. This was bound to happen from the moment NC State recruited Wilson from nearby Wake Forest High, also located on the outskirts of Raleigh, NC. 

Wolfpack Coach Knew From His First Scout Of Watson 

Assistant HC, Chris Hart was amazed by Watson’s skillset from the onset of scouting him. Hart likened him to former Los Angeles Dodgers, and current Texas Rangers star Corey Seagar who won the NLCS and World Series MVP in 2020. In and around the Carolinas, Seagar is considered the gold-standard of infield play. That’s high praise for the young “KW,” whom Hart believes measures up.

“He’s one of the — if not the best — hitter I’ve ever scouted in our area,” Hart insists. “Corey Seagar (a Charlotte native) jumps off the page over the last 15 years, but Kahlil is right in that range.”

It’s no doubt Watson is the “shortstop of the future” down in South Beach. He and second baseman Jazz Chisholm, who started 121 games last season while batting .250 with 18 homers and 23 stolen bases, are set to form a great infield duo for years to come.

It’s Chisholm’s spunk and flare that make him special. He and Watson look to be two picks. Jeter may have gotten correct during the Marlins rebuild, leaving the organization with young, strong cornerstone pieces — MLBbro infielders — with speed, power, charisma and supreme athleticism to build a winner around.