Major League Baseball re-enters the “Must-see TV” realm this weekend when the New York Yankees face the Los Angeles Dodgers for the first time this season. This series is definitely an early season preview to a potential World Series showdown in October. It definitely has the star power. Not only are MLBbros Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts the headliners, but they have superstar tag team partners in Juan Soto and Shohei Ohtani as well.


Top MLBbro Talents Become Even More Dangerous With Teammates, Forming Dynamic Duos


While the Dodgers have the largest lead in their division at eight games, the Yankees are the class of professional baseball. After sweeping the Minnesota Twins for the ENTIRE SEASON, the Yanks are riding an eight-game winning streak and are only percentage points behind the Phillies for the best record in the game.

This rivalry is old, but not as old as the mystique of the New York Yankees championship pedigree that is evident with the superstars, the managers and most importantly the history… 27 World Series championships. But their success on the baseball diamond didn’t match the headlines around their off-field drama through the ‘70s which kind of rekindled in the ‘90s.

  • The George Steinbrenner/Billy Martin feud with the constant hiring and firing.
  • The Reggie Jackson era where his “Mr. October” legacy was born and lives to this day. Like the man has his own candy bar!
  • The jealousy of fans of other teams watching the stars either pine to the big stage in pinstripes or getting there and obtaining their dreams of attention and money!
  • Then there’s the World Series dominance over the Dodgers going back to the Brooklyn days!

It’s no secret that Yankees paraphernalia has been an easy sell over the years. Even casual sports fans have a Yankees hat in their collection. But with the combination of having possibly the top three power hitters in the game in Juan Soto and MLBbros Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, the New York Yankees could be building their next dynasty.

But this team is more than big bats as Alex Rodriguez discusses here.

This is no longer a team that depends on power and three-run homers to demoralize opponents. The Yankees have improved almost every aspect of not only their offense but their defense and pitching as well. When this week started, the Bronx Bombers led the majors in four vital categories: OPS, ERA, homers and winning percentage.

Major League Baseball needs casual fans to join the party and the Yankees can be the catalyst. With Aaron Judge dominating the news cycle breaking the American League home run record a couple of seasons back, he is the reminder to fans to tune into every Yankees game on television to see what the hype is about.



But if the Yankees build their dynasty, this might be more like the MLBbro icon Reggie Jackson-led Yankees in the late ‘70s than the Derek Jeter-led ‘90s dynasty. Why? Reggie’s teams were just powerful and built their identity around home runs. Even though those teams were well-rounded, the big bats made the headlines. It was how those Yankees teams were winning that captured the attention of the sports world.



But there are sports fans that don’t root for Goliath; they want to see him fall. Which is how baseball gets to pop culture.

If the Yankees continue this run for the next few years, the only baseball fans that enjoy it will be in the Bronx. The rest will root for their demise. That’s something Major League Baseball is missing that other sports own and make bank off of.

  • NBA: Los Angeles Lakers with the ultimate lightning rod in LeBron James
  • NFL: It used to be the New England Patriots with Tom Brady, now it’s the Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes
  • WNBA: Unless you have been under a rock… Caitlyn Clark in just a few games!

Naming the Yankees a potential dynasty before they’ve even won one championship may be conceived as putting the cart before the horse, but this series against the Dodgers is the start of the media hype. The ingredients are already there: The best player. The best team. The top media market in America.

Now we get to watch and see how long it takes for the Yankees to get their old enemies back!

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