Professional athletes hold a unique position in society, with the ability to influence and inspire on and off the field.


Atlanta Braves MLBbro Michael Harris II, has embraced this responsibility by establishing the Catch 23 Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference in his community.

What Is The Catch 23 Foundation? 


Harris’ Catch 23 Foundation serves as a noteworthy example of an athlete-driven initiative that goes beyond the playing field to address pressing societal issues.


The young 22-year-old has done a lot of great work in the Atlanta area, including helping those less fortunate and the underserved. An area of concentration is the growing homeless population in Atlanta.


As one of only 6.3 percent African-American players in MLB, Harris also promotes diversity throughout the state of Georgia. If you want to help donate to Harris’ vision and mission, all you must do is press the donate button and give any amount. Harris has an upcoming celebrity bowing night on December 8, 2023, at Bowlero Marrietta. 


Michael Harris Catch 23 Foundation Event at Bowlera


Through its multifaceted approach to community empowerment, the Catch 23 Foundation has demonstrated positive change when athletes use their influence for social good.


Rooted In Some Laid Back, Georgia Pride


Michael Harris II is from DeKalb County, Georgia, born to La Taucha and Michael Harris Sr. Harris’ father played college baseball for HBCU Alcorn State and his mother was a special education teacher for the Fulton County school system.



Harris had a great career in high school at Stockbridge. Pro interest was high, and scouts were enamored by the potential of the athletic, five-toll phenom, so Money Mike decided to forgo his commitment to play college baseball at Texas Tech University and bounced straight to the MLB Draft. 


Harris got drafted in 2019 by the Atlanta Braves in the third round. On May 28, 2022, Harris made his debut with the Braves.


Shortly after his arrival, Dante Miles from asked Harris:


“How does it feel to be in the majors?”


Harris said, “I been feeling good feeling comfortable, just going day by day and getting settled in more and more each day. Trying to do anything, I can do to help the team get the dub.”



Harris would go on to win NL Rookie of the Year, banging 19 Bro bombs, 64 RBI and a .992 fielding percentage. 


When asked by Malik Wright from, what it was like to miss the first month and half of the season and then “Come in and kill it and take the award,” Harris said, “Once my name was called, I just stepped up to the plate and had to do a job and end up winning Rookie of the Year.”


At just 22 years old, Harris is one of the new faces of Major League Baseball and he’s leaving his mark on and off the field. The Catch 23 Foundation is another tool that the rising star is using to bridge the resource and opportunity gap in this country.

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