The Atlanta Braves have been on fire recently.

Not only has the club won five in a row, but the team has also secured victories in nine of the last ten contests. At 53-27, the Braves enter the weekend atop the National League. The team has shot to the top thanks to a hot month of June which has seen them go 20-4. A big reason for the team’s dominance has been the continued brilliance of MLBbro Micheal Harris II.


Soul Patroller Michael Harris II Gives Off Same Vibes As Past Atlanta Braves Greats


Money Mike Leads High-Powered Offense 

In only his second season in the big leagues, Harris has become an integral part of the Braves high-powered offense that is top 3 in batting average, home runs, and RBI. In June, the MLBbro is batting .378 and has five home runs with 14 RBI. This month has already been more productive than his previous three months to start the season. Harris has provided a significant boost to the Braves, batting out of the ninth spot in the lineup that few other teams can ever hope to receive this type of production.


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Earlier in the season, many believed that the MLBbro should be sent back to Triple-A due to his offensive struggles. He has responded in a huge way. After a pep talk by teammate Marcell Ozuna, Harris flipped the switch and caught fire.


Money Mike Turned His Season Around 


Until June 7th, Harris batted .163 and was the least productive starter on the team. He has since increased his batting average to .266, continuously trending upward. In the series sweep of the Minnesota Twins, Harris batted .600, scored in each game, and did not strike out once. The MLBbro has been seeing the ball so well that he has not struck out since June 23rd. This also happened to be the last time the Braves lost a game.


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There were many expectations for the MLBbro after he shocked the MLB world last year. The reigning National League Rookie of the Year started the season in a traditional “sophomore slump,” but he has since broken out similar to how he did in his first season.

This is the player the Braves envisioned when they signed him to the contract extension last year. Fans in Atlanta look forward to seeing more of his five-tool talent for the rest of the season. The MLBbro is continuing to show that he is a star in the making.

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