This season is shaping up to be an all-time great for a multitude of reasons. Number one, two of the most storied franchises in baseball, the Los Angeles Dodgers and New York Yankees are dominating in their respective leagues.

Number two, their superstars are considered not one of the best players in the sport, but THE BEST players in the sports with their styles of play. For the staff of, number three is most important…They are MLBbros.


Mookie Betts and Aaron Judge are now the class of Major League Baseball leading their teams to a possible World Series showdown that places these rivals historically face-to-face dating back to the 1940’s.

But for now, these two MLBbros are bringing back excitement to the game much like the home run contest between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa back in 1998 when the game really needed fan engagement.



While McGwire and Sosa used their powerful bats to bring excitement, their all around play was not covered. Betts and Judge have shown theirs on teams that are in first place in their respective divisions. Also they have a teammate that is currently just as hot or maybe even hotter at this point in the season.


The cliche of sports media when it comes to dynamic duos is…Who’s “Batman” and who’s “Robin”? This is not that type of discussion. This is an analysis of how these two teammates of Mookie Betts and Aaron Judge have raised our MLBbros level of play to nearly unstoppable.


MLBbro superstar: Mookie Betts…star teammate: Shohei Ohtani:


Mookie Betts is the most complete superstar in the majors. He checks all of the boxes when it comes to influencing the game at any point. Our MLBbro has already shown his MVP wares at the plate and hasn’t slowed down this year either. Through his first 57 games, Mookie was batting .332 with eight “Bro Bombs”, 31 RBI, nine stolen bases with an OPS of .953. Plus he is slowly climbing up the All-Time leadoff home run list. Look out Rickey Henderson!


Throw in the fact this MLBbro is taking a crash course trying to master the shortstop position,

one of the toughest field positions not named catcher takes Betts’ star to unseen levels. 

But at the plate, Mookie Betts does not have the heavy pressure of making things happen and being selective with pitches which helps keep strikeouts to a minimum. Why?


Shohei Ohtani: 



The $700 million man at the DH spot has provided basically the same offensive firepower as our MLBbro with 14 homers, 38 RBI with a .322 batting average and .988 OPS. Even though pitching will have to wait for this season, maybe beyond, the Dodgers have established themselves as the most complete team in the National League with two players topping the charts as hitters. 


These two players were in the top three in the OPS advanced stat at one point of the season. A point covered recently…


Two MLBbro Kings Represent The Culture Among Top Three In An Advanced Stat


The third was Aaron Judge. But his teammate is the current AL Player of the Week and these two have been bullying professional pitchers for weeks.


MLBbro superstar: Aaron Judge…star teammate Juan Soto!


You would think the star teammate would be Giancarlo Stanton who recently collected his 1,500th hit of his career while having a solid comeback season.




But it is a testament to the recent reign of terror MLBbro Aaron Judge, the reigning AL Player of the Month and his teammate Juan Soto are unleashing on the sport from the batter’s box.  


  • They are the best in the majors in OPS (Judge is No.1 with 1.075…Soto No.2 with 1.031)
  • They lead the majors in four advanced stats (XWOBA, Average EV, Barrel percentage and Hard Hit percentage)
  • Since May 1, they are the best in the majors in WRC+ (Judge is No.1 at 285…Soto No.2 at 192)


Their run is so incredible MLB Network broke down the science of their swings


Add all of this up and the Yankees are tops in the majors in OPS, home runs and winning percentage. 


Who’s the best dynamic duo? Hopefully it gets answered in the World Series! 


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