The Cleveland Guardians are one of the best teams in Major League Baseball. sitting atop the American League Central with a 40-21 record.


They are several games ahead of the other teams in a surprisingly competitive American League Central division. While the team has benefited from a balanced lineup, steady and consistent pitching has once again been a focal point for the team.


One pitcher, MLBbro Triston McKenzie has been having an up and down season but still seems to benefit the club when taking the mound.


Cleveland Guardians Pitcher Triston McKenzie Is Entrenched In Ohio Community


 McKenzie has started 12 games for the Guardians this season and has a pedestrian 2-3 record. However, the Guardians are 6-1 in his last seven starts. Not a single one of these starts resulted in a win for the MLBbro pitcher. He has been giving up lots of walks and home runs in each of his past four starts as well.


He’s given up two or more home runs in each of his last three starts and he’s walked 15 batters in his last five starts.


These numbers could be concerning for the team but there are many positives to take away from this as well. The MLBbro has been able to consume a lot of innings, which bodes well for a team with the best bullpen in all of baseball. 


Is It Foul Or Fair To Say That Triston McKenzie Is The Key To Cleveland Guardians AL Central title ?


Dr. Sticks hasn’t been his potentially-dominating self this season, but he is a workhorse. By consuming innings, he constantly gives the club an opportunity to utilize their strengths. His strikeout numbers are still impressive, but the walks are still too high for him to reach another level. The Guardians are already amongst baseball’s elite.


If their MLBbro can take another leap, they can be bonafide contenders come this fall. Cemented as a part of the rotation, there is no pressure that the MLBbro is going to be removed, so he has time to work on his craft and become an integral part of the team’ success.


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