Detroit Tigers’ outfielder Akil Baddoo continues to make an impact four months into his first MLB season. 

The Tigers have certainly enjoyed the way he’s been playing, especially lately. Baddoo recently helped the Tigers secure a series win against American League Central-leading Chicago White Sox.

Baddoo was one of the best players during that series.

During the three-game series, Baddoo went 4-for-13 at the plate with two RBI and three stolen bases.

He finished the series with a 2-for-4 performance with two RBI on July 4th.



Our MLBbro has adjusted quite well in his first season. The numbers he’s put up are impressive and have caught the eyes of many around the league.

He’s batting .364 in his last 15 games with 20 hits, five RBI, and six stolen bases. He also posted a .491 slugging percentage during that time. Baddoo brings that excitement and energy Detroit needs. The Tigers have a young team and Baddoo is a great addition to the team.

If you haven’t watched this brother play, you are missing out. Whether he’s in the field or at the plate, he puts on a show. And don’t let him get on the base path. When that happens, opposing defenses will have some problems.

Tigers’ manager AJ Hinch has been pleased with Baddoo’s aggressiveness on the bases.

“He’s not afraid,” Hinch told The Detroit News. “That’s a great trait to have. He’s very aggressive. But he’s also very smart. He has the best first step on our team and arguably on a lot of teams. His awareness has grown from the beginning of the season until now on what he’s looking for.”

Baddoo has a total of 13 stolen bases on the season and leads the team in that category. He also had settled in well being in the leadoff position in the Tigers’ lineup.

“We’re going to continue to put things in front of him,” Hinch said of Baddoo at the leadoff spot. “One of the reasons he’s in there is he’s got pretty good (strike) zone control and understands a strike from a ball. Akil is just one of our best hitters at the end of the day.”

“It doesn’t guarantee he will be there against (left-handed pitchers) in Texas or Minnesota next week. But I like where Akil is at. I like what he brings. Today, our best lineup has Akil in it.”

Baddoo is batting over .300 during his time at the leadoff position. As the season progresses, Baddoo can find himself at the lead-off position full-time. The future is bright in Detroit with players like Baddoo and he’s looking to become a mainstay in Motown.

Through 65 games, he’s batting .281 with five home runs and 25 RBI. Baddoo has been one of the top rookies in the league and he’s not showing any signs of letting up, either. 

The Tigers need to do everything they can to keep Baddoo long-term because he can develop into a high-level player over the course of years.

Don’t be surprised if our MLBbro receives some hardware at the end of the season, too. His numbers are some of the best among the rookies in the league.

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