WELCOME HOME Aaron Hicks!!

Los Angeles Angels outfielder Aaron Hicks is ready to begin his 12th season in the big leagues. When the regular season begins on March 28th, he will be playing for a team that truly is close to home for him. 


The Southern California native is excited about 2024: “It feels amazing, playing in front of family is definitely going to be fun”.


Speaking of fun, he also added another benefit of being back in very familiar territory:

“I’ll be able to visit all of the breakfast spots I used to go to back in the day,” Hicks told MLBbro.com. 



The beginning of the baseball season always has its share of delays in the East and Midwest, which no ballplayer loves. Part of Hicks’ excitement is being at home in the early part of the season.

“Playing on the west coast is obviously better weather from the start” the switch hitter mentioned. 


His manager Ron Washington is a veteran skipper but like Hicks is in his first year with the Angels as well.

Hicks was perfect on the stolen base paths in 2023 but chuckled when asked about his new manager’s baseball philosophy: “It’s a lot more running than I’m used to”.


Hicks is usually at or near the top of the lineup so we can expect him to be a big part of what Washington plans to do this season. The always important relationship between player and manager seems to be very good.

“I’ve been talking to him a lot. Having conversations with him about certain situations and what he wants us to do as a team” Hicks said. 


Hicks is a product of Major League Baseball’s Urban Youth Academy in Compton, California.

“A lot of it was the people around me. Being able to go through the academy was huge for me. I kind of had an idea of what the pros would be like” Hicks suggested. “As a sophomore in high school, I’m talking to professionals, and they are explaining different ways to play the game and now I’m understanding different situations before I’m supposed to” he reflected on.


There is a certain retired outfielder that played 19 years in the major leagues, five of which were with Hicks current team that he is fond of.

“Torii Hunter. I just enjoyed the way he played the game, and he could steal some homeruns with some incredible defense.” Hicks said. “In 2015 to play with him and it was truly amazing to have that experience with him” he concluded.


With a new setting and team along with a veteran manager, Hicks will provide leadership to this roster.


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