The MLB season is winding down with fewer than 20 games remaining.

The Baltimore Orioles in particular began a very important series with division rival Tampa Bay Rays, whom they currently hold a slim 1 game lead over in the American League East Division, following a 4-3 loss on Thursday. 

While the Orioles are almost a lock to make the playoffs, they want to claim their division and gain some homefield advantage. MLBbro Cedric Mullins has been an integral part of the team’s success, but the addition of fellow MLBbro Aaron Hicks this season has played huge dividends.


Will Aaron Hicks Provide the Baltimore Orioles the Production the New York Yankees Wanted?


Aaron Hicks Had Been A Godsend For Baltimore Orioles 

On May 26th, Hicks was released by the New York Yankees after many years of injury-riddled inconsistent play. Just four days later he would join their division competitor the Baltimore Orioles, initially to fill in for an injured Mullins. Hicks has been reborn as an Oriole and been a great contributor on a team that has surprised many this year.

In 28 games with the Yankees earlier in the season, Hicks had a .188 batting average with one home run and five RBI in 26 games. Since signing with Baltimore, he’s batting .291 with seven home runs and 29 RBI in 52 games. This is as productive as he’s ever been in his career and the team has benefitted tremendously.


Aaron Hicks’ Yankee Stadium Return Was Bittersweet, But He Has Three More Games To Ruin The Yankees’ Week


Last year the Orioles were in line for a playoff Wild Card spot but suffered a meltdown towards the end of the season losing 12 out of their final 20 games.

This season, the franchise is better built for the long haul. The addition of Hicks has only been a plus. the outfielder has plenty of playoff experience from his time in New York and knows the importance of baseball games at this time of year.

Aaron Hicks Is Swinging A Hot Stick 

He is on a hot streak since returning from the IL, batting .419 with 13 hits in his last nine games. Hicks is at his best when swinging at the first pitch, hitting .591 in such situations this season. Yankee fans have to feel jealous that the MLBbro struggled with them for years and is now helping a division rival, but also while still doing it on the Yankees payroll, nonetheless.

If he continues his newfound success with the Orioles they will not only claim this series and division, but they will be a threat for the American League Pennant.

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