Two MLBbro pitchers have dominated this season for their respective National League teams. Marcus Stroman and Taijuan Walker have stepped up significantly and have shown why they are among the best hurlers in the game. 


Just two years ago, these two were both playing for the New York Mets. Fast forward to 2023, and Stroman and Walker both have nine wins on the season and are putting up valid numbers to show that they mean business out there. And the Mets, who had championship expectations going into the season, have struggled. 


Mets Struggling Since Walker & Stro Show Left Town 


The Mets are fourth in the NL East and things could have looked a lot different if they hung onto Walker and Stroman, especially with how the former Mets starters have been pitching this year.

During that 2021 season, the two MLBbro’s were at the top of the win column for the Mets, with Stroman leading the way with 10 wins.


Tai Walker & Stro Show | Black Baseball History In The Making In Flushing

Mets Overpaid For Aging Superstar Arms


Yes the Mets went out and acquired nine-time all-star and two-time World Series champ Justin Verlander to pair up with his former teammate Max Scherzer. But the bros have had a better season so far, no question about that.


Fly Tai Walker Was Lights Out In May 


Taijuan Walker is leading his team in wins, and in June, he went 5-1 with a 1.50 ERA and 34 strikeouts.


Taijuan Walker Is Still Searching For His Philly Zone


Walker has certainly put up the numbers and show why he’s one of the best arms on the Phillies roster.


He’s on a path to set a career high in wins this season. Walker is only three wins away from tying his career high in wins, which he set last season playing for the Mets.


Walker has always been a competitor and has had what it takes to be one of the top pitchers in the league.


It will be exciting to see how he finishes the season and if we’ll get the opportunity to watch him out there on the mound come September.


Our other MLBbro, Marcus Stroman, has been a workhorse in his second season with the Cubs. This season, he’s already surpassed his win total from last year (6) and he’s tied for first on the team with nine wins this season.


Stroman has also put together an impressive season so far and he will appear in his second All-Star game this season.


Marcus Stroman Has Been Cy Young Caliber: Will He Be Traded To A Contender?  


On the season, Stroman has a 9-6 record with a 2.76 ERA, one of the best in the National League. We all know how exciting it is to watch Stroman on the mound and he is a player any team would love to have on their roster.


Stroman could also set a career-high in wins. His current career-high is 13, which he set back in 2017 with the Toronto Blue Jays.



MLBbro Marcus Stroman Trade Rumors Get Murkier As the Trade Deadline Approaches



And Stroman could find himself playing for another team that could contend for a playoff spot. He’s certainly proved his value this season.


Mets Could Use The Tandem Of Marcus Stroman & Taijuan Walker This Season


The Mets are struggling with injuries to high-priced free agents while plummeting down the NL East standings. The thing they need the most is some young, reliable arms who can win games and be available to carry workhorse loads every fifth day.

They had that just last season and now the youth is gone and the truth is that the Mets miscalculated and undervalued these magnificent hurlers. Let em’ walk right out the door.


How different would the Mets’ fortunes by with these guys in the fold?


Both Walker and Stroman have represented the Bro’s well this season and they aren’t done. Make sure to keep an eye on these live melanated arms throughout the season.

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