Home Run King Barry Bond wants Bay-area native Aaron Judge in a San Francisco Giants jersey come 2023.  The sweepstakes for this year’s soon to be American League MVP will be one of the biggest the Majors has ever seen.

Is Aaron Judge Having The Greatest Contract Year In MLB History? | The MLBbro Exceeded Even The Highest Expectations


To most of a generation, including Aaron Judge himself, Barry Bonds was the greatest player they ever saw. The seven-time MVP holds the record for most home runs in a career with 762 and his 73 in 2001 are the most ever in a single season. Judge’s current chase for the American League record has caught the eyes of the entire sports world, including Bonds himself who last week gave Judge his blessing to not only take his crown, but follow in his footsteps as the right fielder for the San Francisco Giants.

“The way Judge swings he might as well hit one a day and get past me,” said Bonds to reporters.  

“I don’t care, why not?  I hope he signs here.  Can it happen?  I do not know, but we would love to have him.”

The Giants, just like each of the other 29 Major League teams will get the opportunity to shoot their shots in hopes to get Judge in their lineup, but his favorite player from his childhood team may give them the upper hand in the sweepstakes.

Judge was born in Linden, California and grew up as a Giants fan.  He played baseball at Fresno State University where he was named All-Conference in each of his three seasons there before he was drafted by New York. This past off-season, Aaron Judge’s contract negotiations with the Yankees were the talk of baseball. He made it clear to both the media and front office that he would not be negotiating a deal during the season.



Instead, he has let his play do the talking and it has spoken volumes in every single facet of the game whether it be taking over in center field, collecting a career high number of steals and distinguishing himself as one of the greatest Yankees in Major League history. Regardless of postseason outcome, Judge is coming to negotiating tables this off-season with things stacked heavily in his favor. He will have his first career MVP under his belt to go along with having hit the second most homers in the 2000’s era and possibly a triple crown.

Nobody knows how much it will take to lure Judge away from New York. He is the king of the city and wears the superstar tag better than any athlete in the city since Derek Jeter retired. He’s not nearly as popular or well known as Jeter was outside of baseball circles, but if he keeps this up and remains in pinstripes, then sky is the limit. If he doesn’t stay with the Yankees that automatically lowers his popularity and celebrity as a baseball player. But it will be up to Judge. 

What we do know is that the greatest home run hitter of all time wants to see today’s supreme slugger send balls into McCovey Cove as Bonds once did. Will the Yankees’ disrespect some months ago come back to haunt them?  Maybe, but only time will tell as to where we see Judge in 2023.

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