The 2021 season has not been going too well for Jackie Bradley Jr. at the plate. Bradley Jr. is in his first season with the Milwaukee Brewers and is batting a career-low .154 through 59 games.

Yes, you read that batting average right. In his last four games, he is 1-for-13. 

This is something the Brewers did not see coming when they signed him in early March. The speedy outfielder came off an impressive COVID season in which he batted .283 through 55 games with 54 hits, seven home runs, and 22 RBI.

Despite his struggles at the plate, the Brewers are not giving up on Bradley Jr. whose stick was flaming in April. He had an eight-game hitting streak and had a hit in 11 of 12 games. 



Brewers manager Craig Counsell recently talked about Bradley Jr.’s struggles at the plate, but he still has faith in the one-time All-Star.

“Jackie’s struggled offensively and he hasn’t been able to get out of it. I still think he’s helping us win because I still think he’s playing defense and playing a plus defense,” Counsell told 



“We’ve seen it the last two weeks of playing against other teams, the differences a center fielder makes. Those are doubles and triples and runs, essentially, on plays that he makes. We’re also in a situation where, at this point, Jackie’s the best option.”

So even though his bat hasn’t come along recently, Bradley Jr. still is a valuable asset to the Brewers. Our MLBbro knows how to control the outfield and his defense is a plus to his overall game. 

A positive thing to look at is Bradley Jr. is not letting his performance at the plate affect his overall game. It’s evident that Bradley Jr. has been in a slump and Counsell is certainly aware of that.

“But he’s struggling. He’s struggling offensively and we do need to be better offensively,” Counsell said. “He’s frustrated, there’s no question about it.

“He’s better than this, there’s no question about that. But we just haven’t been able to help him get going, and that’s frustrating on our end.”

No one enjoys a slump and for Bradley Jr., he will have to put the extra time in to get on the right side of the hitting spectrum. But the good thing is that his manager and team believe in him and that he can turn things around.



This brother is a good player and has had success in the league throughout his career.



As the season progresses, Bradley Jr. will continue to get opportunities to end his slump at the plate. When he’s seeing the ball well, Bradley Jr. is a problem at the plate. With his power and speed, he can be a nightmare to opposing pitchers and teams. 

These next few months will be important for Bradley Jr. The Brewers know the potential he has at the plate and they will stay patient to see if the former Gold Glove winner can make an impact with his bat, too

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