This season, the Red Sox currently sit third in the AL East behind the two powerhouses in their division the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees.


They have struggled to win at home (14-18) and have been solid on the road (19-15). They are 5-5 in their last 10 games, having just defeated the Chicago White Sox 6-4, led by a young shortstop and second baseman David Hamilton.



Hamilton is in just his second season in MLB, he has steadily improved in the 41 games played this season after playing just 15 games last season. He’s also had 117 at-bats, 33 hits, 19 runs, eight RBIs and three Bro bombs.


Hamilton was the bright spot the Red Sox needed in their big victory over the Chicago White Sox as he was instrumental in crunch time in the ninth inning with the Red Sox down 4-3, he stole third base after hitting a double. 


From there he took off to score on a sacrifice fly by Reese McGuire. Hamilton showed his resiliency by having that next-play mentality, making up for the error he made in the fourth inning (one of three for Hamilton during that sequence).


The White Sox had the lead 3-1 off Paul DeJong’s three-run homer. The gallant Hamilton stormed back with a solo homer to cut the White Sox lead to 3-2.


David Hamilton Wants To Be A Cornerstone Piece For Boston Red Sox Rise


Hamilton recalled the emotions of not wanting to let his team down: 


“I [messed] up, I tried to make a stupid flip. I should have just gotten out. Just a lot of emotion. I don’t like letting the team down. I don’t like letting people down.”


Hamilton kept his word, helping his team secure the victory going 2-for-5 with two runs, two hits, a home run, and an RBI to leave his imprint on the game with an injury-riddled roster with 2018 Red Sox champion third baseman Rafael Devers (left knee) and two-time Gold Glove award-winning outfielder Tyler O’Neill (right knee) injured.


Believe It Or Not, David Hamilton Is One Of A Handful Of Black Middle Infielders In Red Sox History


The Red Sox played with seven relievers. They now will have a six-game homestead against the Phillies and Yankees.


With Hamilton continuing to improve, the Red Sox management should feel optimistic about one of their young cornerstones finding his confidence to impact winning.


The Boston Red Sox may not be the world beaters, they once were the years they won World Series titles (‘04, ‘07, ‘13,’18).


Since that World Series title in 2018, the Red Sox have made the postseason just once, making a deep run in 2021 to the ALCS against the Houston Astros where they lost the series 4-2.


Aside from that, the Red Sox franchise has struggled to be relevant and reach the postseason repeatedly. Hopefully, Hamilton is another piece that will catapult them back to the top of the American League East. 

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