David Hamilton is the hot new prospect in the Boston Red Sox infield.


Hamilton has made his big league debut and made his presence felt behind the plate. Hamilton played in every game this season. In thirty games Hamilton has a batting average of .263. The contact hitter has also stolen 14 bags in the last 30 games. 



Hamilton was drafted in the 2019 MLB draft by the Milwaukee Brewers, shortly after he would be dealt to the Worcester Red Sox, Boston’s double-A affiliate.


David Hamilton Blossomed After Inconsistent Minor League Career 


For the next five years, Hamilton would have rocky and inconsistent seasons in the minors. However, he showed glimpses of a star in the making. In the 2022 and 2023 minor league seasons Hamilton would hit .256. and show off his great baserunning, stealing 57 bases in 2022.


With Hamilton being called up at the start of the 2024 season for good, he is now one of a handful of middle infielders to start for the Red Sox. Pokey Reese spent his final MLB season with the Red Sox and started 57 games at short and 18 games at second base. Prior to Reese you have to go back to the first Black player in Red Sox history, Elijah “Pumpsie” Green back in 1962, to find a notable black middle infielder for the Red Sox.  


This Day In Sports: Pumpsie Green Breaks The Red Sox Color Barrier


Green was the first African American player to start for the Red Sox. Green was a switch hitter who mostly played second base and would also play a significant role at shortstop as well.


Green’s career was short-lived only playing from 1959-1963, his first three seasons were with the Red Sox and then playing one season with the New York Mets. For the next sixty-two years no African American has ever played every day in the infield again for this team.


David Hamilton Making History As Black Red Sox Shortstop


This is how David Hamilton can make history. If Hamilton can prove himself in the lineup, he can make history and become just the second black player in history to play infield for the Red Sox. 


Who Is Pumpsie Green? 


The one thing that Green and Hamilton have in common is they both had to grind to get to the majors. Green spent most of the early years in the Negro-league, which can explain why his MLB career was short. The MLB never really got to see the greatness of Green because the game simply passed him by.


With Hamilton still being a young player, he has a lot of years to look forward to.  The first five years were a grind and now he finally has the opportunity to showcase his talent. Green doesn’t have any accolades in the four seasons he played in the majors. 


Hamilton, however, still has a long way to go and hasn’t even hit his stride yet. 

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