In the Fall of 2022, the Washington Nationals traded MLB All-Star Juan Soto. At the time it was a necessary move, but not the most popular one as the team sent out a young stud who helped bring a World Series championship.


There was a lot gained in the trade in the form of prospects and in 2024 the Nationals seem to have replaced that loss with a blossoming star in MLBbro CJ Abrams, whom was part of the deal.


FACTZ| The Elevation of Shortstop CJ Abrams Fuels Young Washington Nationals


CJ Abrams 2024 Season With All-Star Intentions


Since last year the MLBbro has cemented himself as the shortstop of the future for the Nationals, and a dugout leader. Abrams batted .295 in his first 26 games this season, totaling seven home runs and seven stolen bases. He could possibly reach a 30 -homer 30-steal season.


This is the best the team has started a season since their championship season in 2019. With the MLBbro on track to make perhaps his first All-Star Game he is delivering on the expectation that was placed on him when he was drafted sixth overall.


CJ Abrams Lists His Mount Rushmore of Shortstops… Lists Ours


CJ Abrams Glove is Elite


Although Abrams is currently struggling in May offensively, he is still delivering on the defensive side of the ball.


His teammate MacKenzie Gore, who also came to Washington in the Soto trade, has said that the MLBbro is emerging as a great player and that the team goes as he goes. Batting primarily as the leadoff hitter, he has been great setting the tone atop the lineup.


He is best when first-pitch swinging, batting .342 in such instances. The Nationals have lost Bryce Harper, Juan Soto, and Stephen Strausburg in recent years and are looking for their next star to bloom. The team has already begun contract extension talks with Abrams, showing his importance to the team.


An All-Star selection for the MLBbro shortstop this summer can cement him as a major cornerstone piece going forward.

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