The Pittsburgh Pirates have drafted well over the past half decade. Of course pitcher Paul Skenes and his 100 MPH fastball is top billing.

Bur not to be forgotten is second baseman/shortstop Termarr Johnson who was named the club’s Minor League Player of the Year in 2023.

“I Want To Play Baseball As Long As They Let Me” | Pittsburgh Pirates No.2 Prospect Termarr Johnson Named Club’s Minor League Player Of The Year

Johnson who was taken with the fourth overall selection of the 2022 MLB Draft, was unbelievable in 2023 with a slash line of .244/.422/.438 with the Greensboro Grasshoppers on the High-A South Atlantic League.

He netted 18 homers, 59 RBI, 12 doubles and ten stolen bases with the club. As the 2024 season began Johnson was sent back to Greensboro, and expected to hit the road running.

Termarr Johnson Struggled Early On 

That hasn’t been the case thus far as he’s struggled a bit at the plate batting .193 with a .684 OPS, but if the past couple of games are any indication he could be turning the corner.

Johnson Has Big Weekend

Following a surprising slow start at the plate, Johnson showed why he’s looked at as the best pure hitter in the minor league system over the weekend. In two games Johnson had five hits including two doubles and a homer.

It was welcome sight for Johnson and Pirates considering he’s had only three multi-hit games this season, and no more than three hits in a two-game span. For a hitter of Johnson’s caliber that’s usually all they need to get going.

The silver lining in Johnson’s early season struggles is he’s a young MLBbro who’s confident in his abilities. After winning the club’s Minor League Player of the Year Award in September, he told the Post Gazette this.

“I like to play baseball everyday of the week. This is my getaway. This is what I do. This is my life. I want to play baseball as long as they let me.”

“As far as my play goes, it was alright. But definitely need to get way better. Ten times more a player than I was this year.”

Hearing him talk like that lets you know an early season slump won’t bother him much. Hes been very confident and embracing of the odds ever since he was drafted.

Johnson’s Biggest Flex Is His Patience

Besides his hitting prowess the one thing that sets this young MLBbro apart from his peers is his patience and understanding that baseball is a grind.

“I never like to rush anything. I don’t like to rush at-bats. I don’t like to rush development. I don’t like to rush anything that gets me better every day.”

That doesn’t sound like a young player who’s gonna let some early seasons struggles at the plate affect him or his daily approach to getting better.

When it comes to Johnson he exudes old man values, and in his case one can truly say “patience is a virtue.”

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