A typical major league season is certainly a marathon more than a sprint. Guys will have their ups and downs but staying consistent is the key to being a regular in the lineup.

Lamont Wade has been in the lineup for every game the San Francisco Giants have played this season except for one.

The lefthanded hitter is batting .321 and shows no sign of slowing down. A Maryland native, playing in his sixth big league season, Wade has overcome some injuries that he had earlier in his career but has proven to be a factor as the cleanup hitter this season.

Wade’s versatility is another reason why he is in the Giants lineup on a daily basis. While a bulk of his playing time has been at first base this season, he has also seen action in right field and in left field.

“You have to prepare well and be ready for any situation” he told MLBbro in spring training.

The spring certainly prepared him well as he has committed just one error so far this season. His high average is definitely being noticed and talked about as well.


Lamonte Wade Jr. OBP Is Historic

His command of the plate was recently analyzed on an MLB Network segment in which his current league-leading On Base Percentage of .466  was considered “Barry Bonds type numbers”.

Wade is truly the Giants best hitter right now. He has come a long way since being a ninth round pick in the 2015 draft by the Minnesota Twins.

Knowing the strike zone has been a big part of his climb to the major leagues, twice (2017, 2019) he was named as having the best plate discipline in the Twins system.


A trade in February of 2021 brought Wade over to the National League and gave him his first post season experience.

Wade has made the most of his experiences and in addition to his stellar batting average the 30 year old also is second in the league in walks only to fellow bro Mookie Betts.

  The Giants might be playing sub .500 baseball but Wade makes sure the clubhouse is fun and entertaining. Ping Pong is his sport of choice away from the diamond.


“Sometimes in the clubhouse, guys will get into it and play. It’s something that keeps it light and fun” he mentioned during spring training. “You gotta be quick in both, it’s a hand eye sport and both take a lot of coordination” he shared.


Whether it’s a ping pong ball back at you or a baseball back towards an opposing pitcher, the Giants have a guy who is ready to hit!

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