Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Mookie Betts has accomplished a lot during his tenure in the MLB. Looking at his resume he’s had an illustrious career that is far from finished. 

He’s a five-time All-Star, has multiple World Series titles and has numerous other accolades. How can you not like this guy?

He’s on a mission this season. 

From 2016 to 2020, Betts was named a Gold Glove award winner for his stellar play in the outfield. It’s not easy to win that award. Betts did it five times, consecutively. That shows you the type of player he is – and what others think of him on that field.

That streak of Gold Glove awards came to an end for Betts after the 2021 season. He finished runner-up, behind winner Adam Duvall.

There’s no surprise that Betts wants that award this season. He’s already making plays out here that will put him in the running.

On Tuesday, he made an impressive catch against the division rival San Francisco Giants. He also made a bold statement after the game.

“I told Clayton (Kershaw) I didn’t win a Gold Glove last year, so I told him this year I’m aiming for it,” Betts said in an interview with AM 570 LA Sports.

Our MLBbro is one of the best defenders in the game, with a cannon for an arm. If Betts says he’s aiming for that Gold Glove, then you better believe he’s going to make some highlights in the outfield as the season progresses.

He also is a leader and always holds his team accountable. The Dodgers have gotten off to a good start to the season but have been inconsistent at times. Betts has noticed.


“We have a pretty good ballclub that can find ways to get hits but we still have to do a better job at being consistent,” he said in a postgame interview via SportsNet LA.

“We’re really good. Our arms have really kept us in pretty much every game,” Bett went on to say.” “Like I said, we just have to be better hitting, putting together at-bats, putting together innings, finishing innings. We hit into some double plays or make some bad baserunning mistakes that are all part of the game, but when you want to get rolling and whatnot, those things can’t really happen in some of those situations. Like I said, it’s part of it, but just know going forward we have to be better.”

The Dodgers star is must-see TV and he’ll look to have an impactful season as he helps the LA Dodgers try to recapture the World Series crown.

If anyone knows about winning, it’s certainly Betts.

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