Ever feel like you are Marty McFly, and you just came back from the future with the Sports Almanac? Well, in this case, that’s me. 

As we wait with bated breath for another one-of-a-kind season of Major League Baseball, we look forward to performances of some of the game’s most promising bros on the bump.

This year’s roster of talent is nothing short of spectacular, with each hurler set to make an impact for their squad. Let’s “brodict” their performances and see where they will stand statistically by the end of the year. 

Marcus “Stro Show” Stroman, this Yankee, known for his impressive tool kit of pitches and competitive spirit, is expected to continue his consistent performance on the mound. Stroman’s ability to induce ground balls and keep hitters off balance will help him maintain an ERA in the low 3s with a solid strikeout-to-walk ratio. 



Josiah “Sway” Gray is set to showcase his talent and potential this season, after putting up ace-like numbers in 2023. With his dynamic arsenal of pitches and deceptive delivery, Gray could emerge as a consistent starter for the Nationals with an ERA in the mid-3s and over 150 strikeouts. 



Hunter Greene Machine, heralded for his blazing fastball and electric stuff, is looking to make a splash in his debut season with the Reds. While he may experience some growing pains as he adjusts to the rigors of the big leagues, Greene’s raw talent suggests the potential for an ERA in the high 3s to low 4s with flashes of brilliance on the mound. Expect close to 170 strikeouts if he stays healthy. 



Devin “Airbender” Williams, the 2020 NL Rookie of the Year, is expected to build upon his stellar performance from last season. Arguably the best closer in the game, Williams has a devastating changeup and impeccable command. This Brewer’s closer could maintain an ERA below 2.00 for the third straight year. He will continue to rack up strikeouts and likely record over 30 saves. 



Taijuan “Fly Tai” Walker, known for his calm demeanor and resilience on the mound, is ready to make an impact in his second season with the Phillies. Walker’s ability to mix pitches and keep hitters guessing is in his DNA. Expect him to post an ERA in the mid-3s while providing valuable innings and stability to the starting rotation. 



Black Jack Flaherty, seen as one of the premier young bros in the game, is expected to bounce back from a challenging season in 2023. Flaherty’s specialties are his electric fastball and devastating slider. He could return to his All-Star caliber form in Detroit this year, with an ERA in the mid 3s and a high strikeout rate.

While these predictions offer insight into what fans can expect from these talented Bro pitchers, it is important to remember that baseball is unpredictable – just like Marty’s adventures back to 1985, and any number of unknowns can influence a player’s performance throughout the season. From injuries to adjustments made by opposing hitters, the journey of a baseball season is full of twists and turns. 

As the new season unfolds, baseball fans will eagerly watch as these melanated mound marauders, each hoping to leave their mark on the game and contribute to their team’s success. With talent, determination, and a bit of luck, these pitchers have the potential to make this season one to remember for MLB fans everywhere.

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