The 2024 MLB season kicked off with a packed Opening Day slate of games and the MLBbros were well represented in various starting lineups.

Bros By The Numbers: Opening Day 2024 

  • 16 MLB teams started Black and brown players on Opening Day.


  • 27 MLBbros in total hit the diamond for the start of the 162-game campaign. There were 26 games played and 260 players started.


  • MLBbros comprised 10.3% of the total starters on Opening Day.


  • Outfielders comprised more than half of the MLBbro Opening Day starters, filling 14 slots.


  • The soul patrollers were followed in representation by shortstops (5).


  • First baseman, DH and third baseman had 2 MLBbro starters at each position.


  • There was one pitcher and also one second baseman out of the group.


Black Managers

Dave Roberts and Ron Washington are the only two Black managers in MLB, with Dusty Baker riding off into the sunset last season.


Masyn Winn and Victor Scott II (St. Louis Cardinals) and Oakland A’s Lawrence Butler are MLBbro rookies who got the start  on Opening Day.


Here’s The Black List for Opening Day 2024

LA Angels

Aaron Hicks (RF) 

Baltimore Orioles 

Cedric Mullins (CF)

Washington Nationals 

CJ Abrams (SS)

Josiah Gray (P)

Cincinnati Reds

Will Benson (LF)

San Francisco Giants

Lamonte Wade Jr (1B)

St. Louis Cardinals

Jordan Walker (RF)

Victor Scott II (CF)

Masyn Winn (SS) 

LA Dodgers

Mookie Betts (SS) 

Jason Heyward (RF) 

Toronto Blue Jays

George Springer (RF)

Minnesota Twins

Byron Buxton (CF)

Royce Lewis (3B) 

Pittsburgh Pirates

Ke’Bryan Hayes (3B)

Andrew McCutchen (DH)

Michael A. Taylor (CF)

Miami Marlins 

Josh Bell – (1B)

Jazz Chisholm (CF) 

Tim Anderson (SS)

Nick Gordon (LF)

New York Yankees

Aaron Judge (CF)

Giancarlo Stanton (DH)

Texas Rangers 

Marcus Semien (2B)

Arizona Diamondbacks

Alek Thomas (CF) 

Seattle Mariners

JP Crawford (SS)

Oakland As

Lawrence Butler (LF)

The Mets vs Brewers and Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies openers were postponed until March 29 due to inclement weather.

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