This might be MLBbro Samad Taylor’s initial season in the Seattle Mariners organization, but he comes prepared and could be on the verge of big things.


Like so many players, he knows that a majority of the spring is over, and the big picture is closer.


“It’s going pretty good, time is moving on, wrapping it up to something that really counts,” Taylor said. “I feel the team we have now, we can go out and make some noise, we’re gonna be heard,” he added.


Samad Taylor Is A Baseball Rolling Stone

Travel is a big part of professional baseball and Taylor has played in a multitude of countries.

He has been fortunate enough to play in the Australian Baseball league, Dominican Winter League, and north of the border in Vancouver.

“I love the game. Anything I can do to be on the field, I’m gonna do it” he explained. ‘`Growing up in California, you played throughout the whole year” Taylor added.

“As long as I can compete and be around the boys and win games, that’s a win for me. Taylor talked about the competitive drive that he has.



Samad Taylor Agrees With Teammate JP Crawford: “West Side Is The Best Side” 


He agreed with teammate J.P. Crawford that the west side is the best side: 


“I may be biased but that’s how I feel. We love the game a little different” he smiled. “My dad brought it up to me when I was super young” said Taylor, mentioning how he was introduced to the game.


“My dad giving me something to do to keep me on the right path was positive and was everything” he added. I liked different sports growing up but he knocked it into my head that baseball was the way out and the way to success, shoutout to my parents for giving me everything I got” 


Taylor admired a diverse group of middle infielders growing up. Jose Reyes, David Eckstein, and Chone Figgins. Figgins played his entire major league career on the West Coast, including eight seasons with the Angels.


“I’m a small guy and all three of those dudes I named are small guys,” he said. “They played with their hair on fire and brought energy to the game and that’s what I do to try and help my team win” Taylor stated.

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