I’m ready for PLAYOFF BASEBALL, MLBbro.com fam!

Sure, the regular season has a few more days left, but I’m hoping to keep loyal readers rolling in the dough with a few future picks to end the 2023 postseason. Who wins the NL? How many contenders are there in the AL? I got you, and I’m calling my shot on a bro-filled World Series winner…


NLCS Winner: As much as I’d love to see the Phillies (and MLBbro Fly Tai Walker) make it back to the World Series, this year it’s been all about the Atlanta Braves (+150) and the Los Angeles Dodgers (+200). The NLCS should see these two teams matched up, and what a show the Braves offense should put on. Their two MVP candidates in Matt Olson (53 HRs, 134 RBIs) and Ronald Acuna Jr (41 HRs, 70 SBs) are providing outstanding run support to the deepest stable of starting pitchers in the league.



The Dodgers may not have as potent an offense, but they have a couple of MVPs of their own in Mookie Betts (39 HRs, 106 RBIs) and former Brave Freddie Freeman (.333 Batting Average, 101 RBIs). The biggest question mark will be their thin pitching roster. How much will they miss Julio Urias? Will their relievers and closer hold up under postseason pressure? I can’t answer those questions, but I bet their skipper Dave Roberts can.

With his experience guiding his team through multiple postseason runs and winning a title in the bubble, he should put them in position to make it to the World Series. AGAIN.


National League Leaders. Dodgers +200 to win the NL.



ALCS Winner: The AL is as wide open as the Pacific Ocean. The Rays have come back to earth after a scorching start, and the upstart Orioles are the best team in the AL by the numbers. But neither will be in the ALCS. Mark my words, Dusty Baker will not only make the wild card, but he will take the Houston Astros (+600) to the ALCS. There they will lockhorns with MLBbro Marcus Semien and their division rival Texas Rangers (+350). The battle of Texas will be wild, but I’m leaning on the Astros to pull it off. Just like the Dodgers and Dave Roberts, Paw Paw Dusty has made all the right moves since helping the Astros win their first (in some people’s eyes) legitimate World Series title in their history. Texas has a bright future, but their inexperience will ultimately be their demise.


Dusty will clean up. Astros +600 to win the ALCS.



2023 World Series Champion: Once you pick your jaw up from my AL pick, let’s savor the flavor of the ultimate revenge World Series between the LA Dodgers (+450) and Houston Astros (+1200). Sure, the Astros have all but cleaned house with the last remaining player from “Trash Can Gate” being Jose Altuve (.316 Batting Average, 17 HRs). Yeah, they now have one of the most beloved managers in Dusty Baker. But the Dodgers and their fans have been seeking vengeance every since they pulled out the 2017 championship in controversial fashion. The look on Clayton Kershaw’s (13 wins – 4 losses, 2.42 ERA) face after giving up back-to-back bombs will forever haunt the Dodger faithful. Now is their chance to deliver some of their own poetic justice.



The Astros, however, are still defending champions. That’s without trash cans and with the institution of the electronic sign delivery system. That’s with home grown talent such as “Air” Yordan Alvarez (31 HRs, 97 RBIs) and Framber “La Grasa” Valdez (3.45 ERA, 200 Ks). That’s without any love from the national media and with the immense pressure of proving they can win without any illegal edge. With all that, there’s also one of the best managers in MLB history in Dusty Baker. It will be a great matchup, but ultimately karma will come back to bight the ‘Stros.

Come uppins. Los Angeles Dodgers (+450) World Series Champions

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