Bro Betting With SeanBo | Easy Money Leading Into The Playoffs

Bro Betting With SeanBo | Easy Money Leading Into The Playoffs

We’re in the home stretch fam! We’re saying goodbye (not Dubai, like Mr. Rob Parker) to the regular season, and screaming hello to postseason baseball.

It’s been a fun ride all season long here with the #BrosBettingBaseball (@bbruh916 / @abookay3) and we hope we lined those pockets with more green than the wall-monster in Boston. Enough with the sappy stuff, let’s lay some maple wood on the leather and hit some home run winners with today’s 3 picks!

1. Things are tighter than a hippo in stretch pants in the NL East race! The New York Mets (-110) hold the slight lead as they visit the second place Atlanta Braves (-110) in this pick’em battle for the top spot. The Mets have given up so much real estate after dominating the first 50 games of the season, and they hope their longtime ace Jacob DeGrom (2.93 ERA, 5 wins – 3 losses) can help salvage their lead against the Brave’s own ace, Max Fried (2.5 ERA, 13 wins – 7 losses). Things may be rough for the Mets, though, as DeGrom’s return has left a bit to be desired. He’s allowed 3 or more runs in his last 3 games and has 0 wins in all three games. The Mets are also still missing MLB Bro Starling Marte to a finger injury, and their big bat Pete Alonso has gone 1 for 8 at bat in his last two games. With the Mets trending down, it’s a strong lean for us picking the hot Atlanta Braves moneyline.

2. Let’s stay in Atlanta for pick number 2! Despite the struggles discussed in the earlier pick, Jacob DeGrom is still dealing as his WHIP sits at an amazing 0.74. Through 58.1 innings pitch, DeGrom recorded 91 strikeouts and has a well-rested arm after sitting out the majority of the season. On the other side, Max Fried’s WHIP is nearly as impressive at 1.02, and if we’re talking about trends, he’s only given up 2 or less earned runs in every start in September. It’s a scary low number, but I’m loving Under 7 total combined runs between the Braves and Mets.


3. There’s a lot on the line for our last pick of the day, as the Wild Card hopeful Milwaukee Brewers (-178) welcome in the Miami Marlins (+150). If you’re a fan of pitching, go ahead and grab a glizzy and some peanuts before you tune in as Miami’s Sandy Alcantara (2.32 ERA, 14 wins – 8 losses) and Milwaukee’s Corbin Burnes (3.11 ERA, 11 wins – 8 losses) will be putting on a show!

The two pitchers have an amazing, combined strikeout count of 420 Ks, and have only allowed 101 combined total bases on balls. These two guys are in their prime as they wrap up their 3rd year in the bigs, but only the Brewers still have something to play for and their offensive fire power (top 10 in slugging and home runs) is lightyears ahead of the Marlins (bottom 10 in all offensive categories). Go ahead and count on the Milwaukee Brewers Moneyline as the #BrosBestBet, and we’ll see you all back here next season as PLAYOFF BASEBALL begins in a week and some change!



Bro Betting With SeanBo | Easy Money Leading Into The Playoffs

SeanBo Is Here To Help You Ball In The Fall With The MLBbros | Bros Betters Get Big Chedda’

Autumn is here! The best baseball has yet to be played, and there are still plenty of regular season tickets to cash. Let’s jump right into it with the #BrosBettingBaseball (@bbruh916 / @abookay3) so you can BALL IN THE FALL!


1. No better way to get into the pumpkin season than the battle of the orange men. No, we’re not talking Syracuse baseball, we’re talking about the Houston Astros (-160) making that trip to the east coast to visit the Baltimore Orioles (+135). With Houston clinching the AL West, there is very little for the Astros to play for heading into the playoffs. Baltimore, on the other hand, are in the heat of a tightly contested AL Wildcard race and are currently chasing the likes of the Mariners, Rays, and current wildcard leading Blue Jays for a spot in the playoffs. Houston’s starting pitcher Jose Urquidy (3.96 ERA, 13 wins – 7 losses) and Baltimore’s rookie starter Dean Kremer (3.33 ERA , 7 wins – 5 losses) are nearly identical in ERAs and WHIP. Offensively, both teams are liable to go off with MLB Bros Yordan Alvarez (37 HRs) looking great for the Astros and Anthony Santander (27 HRs) looking to hit 30 homers for the Orioles. The man analyzing the trends, PropaganDrew, dug in deep on how well teams who have clinched playoff spots fare after punching their ticket to the postseason, and that makes our pick the home dog Baltimore Orioles Moneyline.


2. Sticking with the Orioles versus the Astros, I took a look at the over/under on total runs and discovered the pitchers’ ERAs can be a bit deceiving. In his last two games against the bottom of the division Los Angeles Angels and Oakland A’s, Urquidy has allowed 6 earned runs in his own ballpark to both of the struggling division rivals. Baltimore’s Kremer has been a bit better, allowing 3 runs on the road to the struggling Washington Nationals and followed that up by allowing 2 earned runs to the aforementioned Toronto Blue Jays. Considering the firepower both teams are packing on offense, we’re taking the Orioles/Astros Over 7.5 total runs before we leave Baltimore.



3. What’s Fall baseball without discussing the greatest rivalry in sports? The Boston Red Sox (+185) make a trip to the Bronx to face the New York Yankees (-225) and pray they don’t become the team our MLB Bro Aaron Judge breaks the AL home run record against. Boston’s lefty Rich Hill (4.7 ERA, 7 wins – 7 losses) may be feeling the pressure to avoid being on the wrong side of the record books, while Yankee’s righty Gerrit Cole (3.41 ERA, 12 wins – 7 losses) is looking to bounce back from a couple of 4 earned run games. All that considered, the Yankees have been on a tear, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. The first #BrosBestBet of the fall is the Yankees Moneyline, and if you’re feeling extra risky go ahead and punch that prop for Judge reaching 62 homers in this game as well! Later MLB Bro fam!


Bro Betting With SeanBo | Easy Money Leading Into The Playoffs

SeanBo Is A Gold Glove When It Comes To Bros Betting Baseball | Here’s Your Friday Triple Crown

Welcome fam, as the #BrosBettingBaseball (@bbruh916 / @abookay3) look to bounce back on this very last Friday of the summer. Before you take a sip of your first pumpkin spice latte, guzzle that Oktoberfest style brew, or devour your first chili of the Autumn season, come on through and get your fill on these winners.

1. We might be creeping closer and closer to Halloween, but my man with the stats PropaganDrew is NEVER SCARED! He’s still pounding the bookie over the head like a wack-a-mole at your local carnival, and he’s loving our first pick in Beantown. Those pesky Kansas City Royals (+165) are looking to massacre the home team Boston Red Sox (-195) at 7:10pm Eastern, but Drewski is waving that finger to Royal’s fans like Mutombo in his prime. He crunched the pitching numbers and Red Sox starter Michael Wacha (2.69 ERA, 11 wins – 1 loss) is a top 3 pitcher when trying to beat the oddsmakers in Vegas. It’s not just the pitching that favors the Sox, as their offense is 4th in batting average, 3rd in hits, and are 6th in on base percentage. The Royal’s offense, conversely, has been more boo-worthy than a ghost, ghoul, or goblin. They rank 24th or lower in on base percentage, slugging percentage, and home runs. Go ahead and lay that fall harvest on the #BrosBestBet, Boston Red Sox moneyline.


2. The Seattle Mariners (-165) are looking to exorcise those playoff demons in 2022, but the Los Angeles Angels (+140) are trying to bare-face rob them of that chance as they do battle in LA starting at 9:38pm Eastern. Sure, the Angels are boasting two MVPs and home run kings in Ohtani and Trout, but all that is mashugana (in my Rob Parker voice) when you’re nowhere near playoff contention and your pitching is mediocre, at best. Enter the Mariner’s Robbie Ray (3.56 ERA, 12 wins – 9 losses). A huge part of this season’s turnaround, Ray has been stifling in his last 5 games, going 4 – 1, and averaging 6.6 strikeouts per game. That pitching pairs nicely with MLB Bro and big contract signee Julio “J-Rod” Rodriguez, who is batting .529 with 3 homers and 4 RBIs in his last 5 games. Even away from the Northwest look for the boys from Seattle to rain on the Angels in a major way and pick the Mariners moneyline to get that pumpkin-sized bag.


3. What’s a Fall-themed handicapping column without mentioning the orange and black donning San Francisco Giants (+143) playing host to their archnemesis Los Angeles Dodgers (-170)? Don’t run from these betting dogs, as the Giants are poised for an upset with ace Logan Webb (2.88 ERA, 13 wins – 8 losses) facing off against the Dodgers 2nd year starter Dustin May (4.29 ERA, 1 win – 2 losses). Don’t get caught up with the Dodgers being the best team in baseball and almost 30 games ahead of the Giants in the NL West. The Giants are 4-1 (at the time of writing) in their last 5 games and Webb has won his last 2 games, including a win in LA against these same Dodgers.

(Davis Grubb)

The Dodgers are still the best team in baseball, but we’re looking at a scheduling loss as they are looking ahead to the playoffs and marching out a pitcher at the bottom of their rotation. Take the Giants moneyline to get those amazing odds, and we’ll see you next week as we give you your first Friday winners of the Fall!

Bro Betting With SeanBo | Easy Money Leading Into The Playoffs

Bros Betting Baseball | The Bag Is Blowing In The Wind & SeanBo Can Help You Catch It !

Welcome fam, as we wave goodbye to the summer and inch closer to the chase for the pennant!

The #BrosBettingBaseball (@bbruh916/@abookay3), or the self-proclaimed MLB wagering kings as we like to call ourselves, got off to a series split (2 wins – 2 losses) in the month of September. Fear not, as the man with the stats PropaganDrew hit the spreadsheets, built his own sports model with his bare, callused hands, and we’re confident today’s three picks will have you seeing more Benjamins than the inside of an ATM machine!


1. First, let’s get out of this west coast heat wave and pull up to the field of Wrigley, as the San Francisco Giants (-170) visit the Chicago Cubs (+143) starting at 4:05pm Eastern. The Giants are well on their way out of playoff contention (somewhere the Cubs have been for the last two months), but their newest ace Carlos Rodon (2.92 ERA, 12 wins – 7 losses) will try to keep their miniscule postseason hopes alive against the Cubbies left-handed veteran Drew Smyly (3.84 ERA, 5 wins, 8 losses). Rodon has pitched his heart out, fanning 201 batters over 157.1 innings even as his run support has been terrible. The Cubs offense has been mediocre all year, sitting in the bottom half ranks in ALL offensive categories. Put the two together and we’re loving the Giants Moneyline to get that first win of the day.


2. In middle relief, we’re calling up the Pittsburgh Pirates (+175) and the St. Louis Cardinals (-210), as they do battle in Western Pennsylvania starting at 6:35pm Eastern. Both teams are sending out pitchers who have basically split the season’s wins, as the Card’s Miles Mikolas (3.32ERA, 11 wins – 10 losses) and the Pirate’s Roansy Contreras (3.41 ERA, 4 wins – 4 losses) are both middle of the league in ERA and are hovering around .500 win percentages. That’s when you let the wood do the talking, and the Cardinals are screaming on offense to the tune of top 10 MLB ranks in batting average, runs, hits, on base %, slugging %, and even home runs. The Pirates, meanwhile, are in the bottom 5 in those same categories, with the lone exception of sitting at 19th in home runs. That makes the #BrosBestBet the Cardinals Moneyline, as the red birds continue their dominance in the NL Central on their way to the postseason.

3. The closer for this Friday is a trip back down to the dirty south, as the LA Angels (+192) look to upset the Houston Astros (-235) in H-Town. The Astros are another division leader, and they’re hoping to get righty Lance McCullers (2.08 ERA, 2 wins – 1 loss) back into championship shape versus the Angel’s 6th year man Michael Lorenzen (4.94 ERA, 6 wins – 6 losses). While the Angels have looked a bit more lively the last few weeks, even stealing a win from the Astros back on September 3rd, the Astro’s utter dominance of the division doesn’t bode well for Shohei, Trout, and company.


MLB Bro Yordan Alvarez has continued doing work in the batter’s box, blasting 31 homers so far this season. Right behind him, Jose Altuve and Kyle Tucker have each sent 24 balls into Houston’s skies. Look for the Angels to fall back down to earth, as we have the Houston Astros Runline -1.5 to end our night!

Bro Betting With SeanBo | Easy Money Leading Into The Playoffs

SeanBo Batted .750 In The Month Of August | Ride The #BrosBettingBaseball Heat Wave Into September

Can you feel that family? It feels like PLAYOFF BASEBALL is rounding 3rd base and coming in HOT as we enter September on our way to Fall baseball! You know the #BrosBettingBaseball (@bbruh916 / @abookay3) are always feeling good as we went 2 for 3 every week in the month of August, and we’re looking to hit that trifecta every week of September for all our loyal readers. So let’s ride this heat wave all the way to the top and beat the bookie until your money is in knots! Here are three winners that can’t stop, won’t stop!

1. First stop is that sticky icky weather of the Midwest, as the Cleveland Guardians (+115) play host to the Seattle Mariners (-115). In a battle of playoff hopefuls, the wildcard bound Mariners are marching out Luis Castillo (2.85 ERA, 5 wins – 5 losses) to do battle with the division leading Guardians and right-hander Zach Plesac (4.39 ERA, 3 wins – 11 losses). With neither pitcher looking like a dominant ace, our man with the stats PropanganDrew dug deep into his pitching trends to find some gems. True, Castillo is still finding his footing in the Mariners rotation, but Plesac has just 1 win in his last 5 appearances and has struggled all year at home in The Land. Granted, that last win was at Seattle, but Castillo fanned 10 batters during their last heads-up matchup. We’re leaning hard on the Seattle Mariners Moneyline to kick off our Friday of winning.

2. We’re not leaving the Lakelands just yet, as the Wild Card race is raging between the visiting Minnesota Twins (-120) and Chicago White Sox (+100). Although both teams are looking up at the aforementioned division-leading Guardians, they’re within reach of the Mariners for first round playoff baseball. The Twins are hoping Sonny Gray (3.04 ERA, 7 wins – 4 losses) can push them past the White Sox and young rookie Davis Martin (4.62 ERA, 2 wins – 4 losses). Although Martin has allowed less than 5 hits in his last 3 starts, Gray has always loved travel ball. It’s almost always Sonny on the road for the Twins, as he’s gone 4-2 on the year when he’s away from Minnesota (not counting no-decisions). And while the White Sox are an impressive 3rd in batting average and 2nd in hits, they’re still missing MLB Bro Tim Anderson and facing a Twins offense that is currently top 10 in on base %, slugging %, and home runs! Take the Minnesota Twins on the Moneyline, as they win the division battle by a slim margin.


3. Lastly, we’re heading to the Bay Area to close up our Friday with the Philadelphia Phillies (-105) as road dogs against the roller coaster ride of a team in the San Francisco Giants (-115). A roller coaster ride is being generous, as the Giants have played their way out of any playoff contention and are miles behind the division leading Los Angeles Dodgers. The Phillies, on the other hand, are still in the heat of a wildcard battle and are sitting 3rd in the competitive NL East. The Giants pitcher Alex Cobb (3.81 ERA, 4 wins – 6 losses) and Phillies Kyle Gibson (4.08 ERA, 9 wins – 5 losses) have both been giving up a ton of runs despite both sharing relatively solid WHIP ratings at 1.2 and 1.3, respectively. In this special 2 for 1 pick, we’re leaning the Phillies Moneyline and the Over 7.5 combined runs for the Giants/Phillies. No best bet this week but take our four picks and run that bookie to the ground!