The Arizona Diamondbacks are still within striking distance of a National League Wild Card playoff spot. They have been up and down as of late but the team knows that they are in the home stretch.

Newly acquired MLBbro outfielder Tommy Pham is doing his part to improve the team’s chances.

Tommy Pham Is Heating Up In Time For NY Mets Big Series Against Atlanta Braves


Mets fans were disappointed by his send-off to Arizona, but with the Mets flailing, and Pham having a great season it made sense to send him where he could help a better team.

The Mets Are Sinking But Tommy Pham Is Paving A Road To More MLB Riches

Over the last week, Pham has been on fire, batting .350 with six RBI, one home run and one stolen base.


The Diamondbacks must find a way to capitalize on his hot streak. Pham has been a great veteran presence with the young ball club, and they are hoping that he can help propel them back to the playoffs for the first time since 2017. The club has not had a winning record since 2019.

Tommy Pham Looking To Cash In 

MLBbro Pham is scheduled to become a free agent at the end of the season so there is an extra incentive for him to perform well.

At age 35, there likely is no long-term lucrative contract for him, but the MLBbro can extend his big league career with a team needing veteran experience and reliability.

Pham brings intangibles that can not be quantified and are very valuable to many teams.

His impact on the Diamondbacks will be monitored by teams around the league and it will surely factor into the pursuit of him this offseason. 

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