Markevian “Tink” Hence has continuously shown the stuff of an ACE of a pitching staff. Just a few days after Hence was lights out in his first Double-A Springfield outing, throwing five innings of five-strikeout ball, the powerful mound marauder was lighting it up in the MLB All-Star Futures Game in Seattle.

Hence got the start for the National League, in the game that features best of the Minor Leagues in the country. He topped out with a 98.9-mph fastball which struck out a batter, and while allowing no runs, and surrendering just one hit and a walk. Hence showed great command and pitch velocity, two things that have everyone believing he’ll man one of the five starting rotation spots for the Cardinals next season.


Following his great back-to-back showings, Hence spoke with FOX 16, telling them this.


“Just going out and competing,” Hence told FOX 16. “I feel like if I go out and compete and have fun, whether I do bad or get the results I want, I’m going to continue to grow and one day I’ll be in St. Louis.”


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Hence Doesn’t Let Pressure Of Being Cards No.2 Prospect Bother Him



One would probably think that when you’re the second-ranked prospect of a historic franchise like the Cardinals you’d feel some major pressure. But, Hence is the complete opposite, in fact, he’s about as cool as the other side of the pillow (Stuart Scott) voice. That’s what makes him so special, the hurler plays and carries himself with such a maturity.


“I try not to really think about it,” Hence said. “I just go out and have fun. Each game, I go out, I look at it as a new game. Just me showing what I got again.”




The Arkansas Pine Bluff Native Says He Does It For His State And City




Hailing from Razorback country, down in Arkansas, Hence has the unwavering support of his hometown, Pine Bluff where he starred at Watson Chapel. The former Razorbacks signee was drafted and turned pro at 17, and in three years he’s put himself in prime position to make the majors. Home means everything to him, and that’s who he says he does it for.



“It’s really special for me, for my family, for the city,” Hence said. “They’ve been pushing for me ever since I was about 9, 10, 11. Growing up around them, they continue pushing for me to keep going and wishing nothing but blessings for me.”


“I got nothing to do but go hard for the city.”



Hence, is currently the No.62-ranked prospect on MLB Pipeline, and the future ACE of the Cardinals staff.

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