Sports is going through an overlap these days with the National Hockey League going through the Stanley Cup Finals and the NBA close to wrapping up their season with a championship series of their own.

But with this being a baseball website, one would ask where’s the link between Major League Baseball to any other sport right now, especially around the quarter mark of the season.


That link happened this week just before Game 2 of the NBA Finals on Sunday night.


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver discussed the possibility of NBA expansion to a list of cities that included Seattle and Las Vegas.

There were no timelines or specifics mentioned by Silver, but with the NBA collective bargaining agreement in the rear view mirror and media contracts negotiations to be taken care of next spring, expansion discussions will hit the news cycle.


“One, we want to get our collective bargaining agreement done,” said Silver.

“So we have done that now, and the other thing is to understand our new media packages, which will be done next spring. Once that’s down, we’ll turn to expansion. We don’t have anything specific in mind right now, but it makes sense over time.”  


Seattle and Las Vegas make the most sense. Seattle lost their Sonics franchise back in 2008 and the hardcore fans have not wavered in their vocal movement to get a professional basketball team back.

Meanwhile, the Oakland A’s move to Las Vegas has been baseball’s worst kept secret despite MLBbro icon’s Reggie Jackson’s best efforts to keep the A’s where they are.

MLBbro Icon Reggie Jackson Tried To Save the A’s For Oakland With “Depressing” Results | Bringing In Bill Gates Couldn’t Penetrate Old Boys Network


Sonics legends Gary Payton, Shawn Kemp and Detlef Schrempf are in the works to put an ownership group together to bring professional basketball back to the city of Seattle.

Guess who is rumored to be a part of the ownership group if he wants to participate?


The greatest player to put on a Seattle Mariners uniform…Ken Griffey Jr!



Sports and entertainment journalist Landon Buford, talked to Gary Payton earlier this week about the possibility of Ken Griffey Jr. being a part of bringing the NBA back to Seattle and the man known as “The Glove” stated that “The Kid” would be welcomed with open arms.


That’s my brother; that’s my family! Whatever he wants to do, it is what it is,” said Payton. If it’s something that Ken wants to be a part of, yes, we gotta have him in there, even with Detlef Schrempf and Shawn Kemp.


“We gotta have people come back because we want that fanbase to come up and be big.”


So, it would be a perfect fit if he decided to join the Seattle Sonics group as well.”


Griffey Jr. already owns a stake in the Seattle Mariners and the Seattle Sounders, which is the soccer team.

As huge an icon as this MLBbro legend is for his Hall of Fame career in a Mariners uniform, bringing back the NBA’s Sonics to Seattle for the first time since April 13th, 2008 might actually be appreciated more by the Seattle faithful. Let’s see how it plays out.



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