White Sox fans, look away, because the fire keeps getting bigger.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the team that represents the south side of Chicago, their star player, Tim Anderson, has hinted that it definitely can.

Does MLBbro Tim Anderson Want To Be Traded?

A few weeks ago, Anderson liked a tweet from a fan that said he would eventually be wearing a different jersey in the upcoming future.

It was just in 2021 where it looked like the future was very bright for Anderson and the White Sox. Anderson made his first All-Star appearance, had just won a Silver Slugger last season and was the AL batting champion in 2019.

The 2021 season was also the team’s first 90+ win season in 15 years, and the first time they had won the division since 2008. They were eliminated by the Astros in the divisional round, but it was the first time there was hope within the organization that good times were on the horizon.

What’s Up In The Windy City?

Well that didn’t last long. After a very good 2021 season, and all the high expectations they began to have, the team went back to their old ways and had a very uninspiring, mediocre season, finishing at 81-81.

It didn’t help that Anderson, who is not only the team’s star shortstop, but one of the best shortstops in the game, had an injury riddled season. He only played in 79 games and only hit six home runs with 25 RBI. Even with his shortened season, he was still able to put up an elite .301 batting average, showing that he was still making the most of his fewer opportunities.

Even with the poor play on the field, it was just as much of a disaster off the field as well. There was a lot of locker room drama between players, for instance, closer Liam Hendriks reporting that starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel was leaking private clubhouse matters to the media.

Tony LaRussa’s Old School Rules Won’t Stop The Unflappable Swag of Tim Anderson 

There was also a lot of drama with former manager Tony La Russa. He made a lot of questionable managerial decisions during games, as well as the controversy of him not getting along with his players, with the Yermin Mercedes incident back in 2021 being the most notable of examples. All of this, along with his declining health, resulted in him stepping down.

Sox Let Jose Abreu Walk

Plus, the White Sox have been pretty quiet in the offseason with the only notable signing being Andrew Benintendi, who signed a five-year deal. They let Jose Abreu, Anderson’s teammate of more than half decade, who had won an MVP with them back in 2020, and just batted .305 for the team, leave and go straight to the World Series champion Houston Astros.

The killer of the Abreu signing was during his introductory press conference with his new team when he said he chose to leave Chicago because he wanted more of a “family” environment.

What’s Next For MLBbro Tim Anderson ?

This last season has completely exposed the White Sox and the pure dysfunctionality that occurs from upper management, to the clubhouse. At this point in time, how can you blame Anderson for not being a happy camper and possibly wanting out of the Windy City?

Anderson turned 29 back in June and is just starting to hit his prime. We just saw in the offseason the shortstop market absolutely skyrocket, and with his contract expiring at the end of the 2024 season, it’s only a matter of time until he will get a hefty payday, probably approaching the $300M mark. The question now is, will it be the White Sox writing that check? They just let their best player of the last decade walk, who says they won’t let their other star walk as well.

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