Is Tim Anderson About To Blow This Windy City Joint?

Is Tim Anderson About To Blow This Windy City Joint?

White Sox fans, look away, because the fire keeps getting bigger.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse for the team that represents the south side of Chicago, their star player, Tim Anderson, has hinted that it definitely can.

Does MLBbro Tim Anderson Want To Be Traded?

A few weeks ago, Anderson liked a tweet from a fan that said he would eventually be wearing a different jersey in the upcoming future.

It was just in 2021 where it looked like the future was very bright for Anderson and the White Sox. Anderson made his first All-Star appearance, had just won a Silver Slugger last season and was the AL batting champion in 2019.

The 2021 season was also the team’s first 90+ win season in 15 years, and the first time they had won the division since 2008. They were eliminated by the Astros in the divisional round, but it was the first time there was hope within the organization that good times were on the horizon.

What’s Up In The Windy City?

Well that didn’t last long. After a very good 2021 season, and all the high expectations they began to have, the team went back to their old ways and had a very uninspiring, mediocre season, finishing at 81-81.

It didn’t help that Anderson, who is not only the team’s star shortstop, but one of the best shortstops in the game, had an injury riddled season. He only played in 79 games and only hit six home runs with 25 RBI. Even with his shortened season, he was still able to put up an elite .301 batting average, showing that he was still making the most of his fewer opportunities.

Even with the poor play on the field, it was just as much of a disaster off the field as well. There was a lot of locker room drama between players, for instance, closer Liam Hendriks reporting that starting pitcher Dallas Keuchel was leaking private clubhouse matters to the media.

Tony LaRussa’s Old School Rules Won’t Stop The Unflappable Swag of Tim Anderson 

There was also a lot of drama with former manager Tony La Russa. He made a lot of questionable managerial decisions during games, as well as the controversy of him not getting along with his players, with the Yermin Mercedes incident back in 2021 being the most notable of examples. All of this, along with his declining health, resulted in him stepping down.

Sox Let Jose Abreu Walk

Plus, the White Sox have been pretty quiet in the offseason with the only notable signing being Andrew Benintendi, who signed a five-year deal. They let Jose Abreu, Anderson’s teammate of more than half decade, who had won an MVP with them back in 2020, and just batted .305 for the team, leave and go straight to the World Series champion Houston Astros.

The killer of the Abreu signing was during his introductory press conference with his new team when he said he chose to leave Chicago because he wanted more of a “family” environment.

What’s Next For MLBbro Tim Anderson ?

This last season has completely exposed the White Sox and the pure dysfunctionality that occurs from upper management, to the clubhouse. At this point in time, how can you blame Anderson for not being a happy camper and possibly wanting out of the Windy City?

Anderson turned 29 back in June and is just starting to hit his prime. We just saw in the offseason the shortstop market absolutely skyrocket, and with his contract expiring at the end of the 2024 season, it’s only a matter of time until he will get a hefty payday, probably approaching the $300M mark. The question now is, will it be the White Sox writing that check? They just let their best player of the last decade walk, who says they won’t let their other star walk as well.

Jose Canseco Just Dropped The Hammer | Did He Hit The Nail On The Head?

Jose Canseco Just Dropped The Hammer | Did He Hit The Nail On The Head?

In a series of recent tweets, former Yankee All-Star outfielder and MVP, Jose Canseco warned Aaron Judge that it would be in his best interest to leave New York in the offseason, as it is “a dump and the fans are awful.” This came after Judge ended up hitting .063 (1-16) with a single, a walk and four strikeouts in the ALCS with the Yankees ultimately getting swept on their own field.

The Yankees fans were not afraid to show their frustration with the team, starting off with Judge, as he was booed multiple times for his cold bat.

Judge just had an historical season, nearly winning the triple crown and setting the American League all-time record for home runs in a single season with 62. But that did not matter to Yankees fans at that moment. All they cared about was 1-16.

That was Canseco’s entire point, believing that if Judge does walk in the offseason, this had some factor in his departure. “This man almost won the triple crown. He set an American League home run record… and his home fans are booing him,” he said on 97.5 The Game.

Canseco also stated that even if he were to replicate that same season, the fans would still hate him. It is a fair point that he is making, but if this is the reason why Aaron Judge is leaving, then he is just not meant to be playing for a team in one of the country’s Northeast cities, especially the nation’s biggest market, New York.

What Canseco fails to understand is that, yes, Aaron Judge just had one of the best regular seasons in recent memory and will be praised for that for years to come as he will most likely win the AL MVP and be on this year’s All-MLB First Team. But there are certain organizations and fan bases that really do not care about these regular season awards. All they care about is championships. It is those big market, blue blood teams, and the Yankees are at the top of that list.

And Canseco is wrong calling the Yankees fans awful and saying that they will hate him.

Any player who plays for teams like the Yankees, Mets or Phillies, where their fans are not afraid to criticize you are lucky, because it shows that they care. Just because they call you out for your poor play does not mean they hate you. It means that they want you to know that they are not pleased at all with how you are playing currently because they expect a lot better from you, especially since at the end of the day, these fans will always have your back when you play hard for them and will praise you like there is no tomorrow when you are playing well.

If Judge just wants to not be criticized when things aren’t going well, then yeah, he should go to one of those small market teams where the standards and pressure aren’t that high. But if all he cares about is championships, and he is not afraid of taking the heat when he’s not playing well, then New York is the place for him.

Phillies Do Have Soul In The Hole | Darrick Hall Didn’t Make World Series Roster, But The Power-Packing MLBbro Rookie Will Get His Shot In 2023

Phillies Do Have Soul In The Hole | Darrick Hall Didn’t Make World Series Roster, But The Power-Packing MLBbro Rookie Will Get His Shot In 2023

LOS ANGELES – The Phillies are in great shape to be playoff contenders for years to come. The franchise’s World Series battle with Houston is sure to be a classic. 

In a year like no other, no one really treated the Phillies with any respect throughout the regular season, and when they made the playoffs, they were still shoved to the side as a team who will get eliminated early on. Well that certainly is not the case. They’re in the World Series and have a chance to do what no one thought possible. 

Is this just a Philly fluke? Or will the Phillies dancing in October for years to come? 

The reality is that even with the Phillies having all these superstar players like Bryce Harper, JT Realmuto, Aaron Nola, etc., they are very underrated when it comes to producing young talent from their farm system. Bryson Stott looks like he will be a very solid player for the team. But another player the Phillies have produced who is going under the radar is MLBbro Darick Hall.

With all of the drama surrounding the fact that a World Series has no MLBbros participating for the first time since 1950, the Phillies have a hidden gem in the system who showed some pop in his bat this season. The 27-year-old rookie ended up playing in 41 games this season for the Phillies.  During that time, he batted .250, with nine home runs, and 16 RBI. He had an on-base percentage of .282, and a slugging percentage of .504. 

Hall has major power, meaning that he will fit into this lineup perfectly next season, especially since he will be playing in a very hitter-friendly ballpark in Citizens Bank Park. The first two hits of his MLB career were bombs against the 2021 World Champion Atlanta Braves. 



He had a 6.3% home run percentage every time he came to the plate, which was better than teammates Bryce Harper and Rhys Hoskins, and only 0.6% lower than Kyle Schwarber, this year’s NL home run king.

Hall did not make the team’s postseason roster, but that is understandable as he’s a rookie, and the team is filled with solid veterans from left to right. In order for him to make that next step, he has to get on base more often, and not just rely on the long ball. He had a 31.0 strikeout percentage, and only a 3.5 walk percentage. Essentially, he strikes out almost a third of the time that he’s up to bat, and it is once in a blue moon that he takes four balls in an at bat.

All the seasoned vets on the team are at least in the 10s or teens when it comes to walk percentage, and low to mid 20s with strikeout percentage, with the exception being Schwarber at 29.9%. However, when you hit 46 home runs in a season, teams will let that slide.

Those numbers should improve as he gets more reps in the big leagues. There’s no doubt he has an electric bat and excites the crowd when he steps to the dish.  a true Bro bomber and with more playing time and a bit more plate discipline he should be ready to cause damage over the course of a season. The Hereford, Arizona native, who attended Dallas Baptist University and was a 14th round pick int he 2016 MLB Draft, needs more than the 136 at bats he got this season to show how effective he can be in that lineup. 

The Phillies will be in win-now mode for the foreseeable future, so it’s vital that Hall really does make it a point to improve those numbers and show out in Spring Training so that he can be a valuable asset to an already stacked roster and be a part of the postseason when the next opportunity strikes.


Dusty Baker’s Boys Are Going Hard To Complete the Houston Astros Redemption Song | The Ring Is The Thing

Dusty Baker’s Boys Are Going Hard To Complete the Houston Astros Redemption Song | The Ring Is The Thing

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. – There is only one thing that Dusty Baker needs to do in order to statistically cement his legacy as one of the greatest managers the game has ever seen: win a World Series. He’s already established his value among the greatest skippers, and he’s said time and again that a World Series win would be sweet, but it doesn’t make or break his legacy or his feelings about an illustrious career that has lasted decades. 

After pulling off a 3-2 win against the New York Yankees in Game 2 of the American League Championship Series, the Astros have a commanding 2-0 series lead heading to the Bronx. Now they are only two wins from returning to the Fall Classic, which would be their fourth time in six years. 

If the Astros hold on and win this series, it will be Baker’s third World Series appearance in his managerial career, with this season being the second straight crack at a ring. Baker has done everything you can ask a manager to do. He has led five different teams to division titles, he is only one of nine managers to win pennants in both leagues, one of 12 to have at least 2,000 managerial wins, and has won the manager of the year in the NL three times. 



His influence on the culture and spot in Cooperstown is secured when he decides to call it quits, but the ring is still vital to his resumé so that his career can be kept in proper historical perspective moving forward. 

When people argue who the greatest of all-time is, not just for best MLB manager, but for participants in any pro sport, the ones who are always in that conversation all have rings, because at the end of the day, championships are the number one thing anyone looks at over any statistic. 

Of course, there are plenty of all-time greats that have never won it all, but they are never considered to be the greatest since they were never able to help bring a team to the promised land. So that is the historical conundrum that Dusty Baker finds himself in right now. 

Baker definitely will be considered an all-time great, but he will not be a contender for greatest of all time. 

If there was any team that could finally help Baker get over that edge, it would be the 2022 Houston Astros. They are playing a Yankees team that had a very underachieving second half of the season, and the Astros are in command of the series. If the Stros do advance, then they would face a sub-90-win NL pennant winner and would be huge favorites in that series.

But all of what happened in the regular season does not matter. The teams that are successful in October are the ones who are hot at the right time. But the best part for Baker is, he’s not leading a team that’s just hot, he’s leading a team that is absolutely scorching, as they have not lost in this postseason yet.



If he just wins one championship, just one, whether it is with the Astros, or another team in the future, then he will get his seat at that exclusive table of the greatest managers of all time. If he doesn’t, he’ll have to settle for being a living legend whose contributions to the game and baseball culture are equaled by few, if any.  

Tom Brady Recruiting Aaron Judge To Play Tight End In Tampa? | Don’t Laugh, Just Listen…

Tom Brady Recruiting Aaron Judge To Play Tight End In Tampa? | Don’t Laugh, Just Listen…

Aaron Judge could be the next Bo Jackson or Deion Sanders.

After having a historic season by setting an AL record of home runs and almost winning the triple crown, Judge is expected to get a massive contract this offseason, as he is the AL MVP favorite. He already got his first contract offer, but from a team that no one saw coming.

On a recent episode of Tom Brady’s “Let’s Go” Podcast, he was very adamant on Judge possibly making an appearance “I was certainly wondering what it would take to get you down in Tampa to be a tight end for us next year.”

When most people hear this, a normal thought is that this is just crazy. But it’s not like Judge doesn’t have any experience playing football, as he was a terrific wide receiver at his high school, where he ended up setting a school record during his time there with 17 touchdown receptions. 

With him reaching six feet seven inches in high school, he was heavily recruited to play tight end by elite football schools, including Notre Dame, UCLA, and Stanford, before he ended up choosing to play baseball at Fresno State.  

He has a 27.3 Ft/s sprint speed, meaning that he can run a very good 40-yard dash. And is pretty strong weighing in at 282 pounds. There is no question that Judge can definitely compete with NFL athletes, which Brady concurs with. “The way you run, the size, the catch radius, the power… I know you were a great high school football player.”

Now the question is, would it be a smart decision for Judge to make the leap to the NFL. It’s key to note that he has had an injury-plagued career. He had a wrist fracture in 2018, and an oblique strain in 2019, that costed him about two months in each season. He played less than half the games in the shortened 2020 season due to a calf strain.

Now since he has already had several significant injuries during his career, and if he decides to join the Bucs in the NFL, his value in the MLB could drop in a hurry. His injuries will more than likely go up, and with the NFL just getting started in September, it is the absolute worst time he could get hurt with the MLB playoffs approaching during that time.

Before Judge can consider any sort of NFL career, he needs to focus and take care of business with the Yankees in these playoffs. As the Yankees fell to the Guardians on Friday, 4-2 in 10 innings, Judge had one of his worst games in recent memory. He went 0-5 with four strikeouts, which caused Yankees fans to start booing him. He is 1-8 this postseason with no home runs, no RBI, and a walk.

As the end of the season approaches, he will be looking to get one of the biggest contracts in MLB history, whether that’s from the Yankees, or elsewhere. Once he gets that settled, then he may consider anything from Tom Brady. Whatever he decides to do, Judge is going to have one offseason to remember.