Milwaukee Brewers right-handed pitcher Devin Williams has had a tremendous start to his career.

Our MLBbro was on the verge of playing in his first postseason, but now that will no longer happen.

And why is that? Well it seems as though he had a little bit too much to drink after the Brewers clinched the division.

According to an article from Yahoo Sports! Williams told reporters on Wednesday that he broke his pitching hand while celebrating the team’s clinch of the NL Central on Sunday.

He said he had too much to drink during the celebration and punched the wall after something upset him.

“If I could take it back, I would,” Williams said.

That’s not how you want to end your season, definitely unfortunate for our brother. What a knucklehead move too. Somebody has to say it so we will.

This is a huge hit to the Brewers’ bullpen because Williams has been lights out this season. In his two full seasons of work he has quickly become one of the top pitchers in the league out of the bullpen.

Our MLBbro has a career record of 12-3 with a 2.09 ERA through 93 games. He also has a total of 154 strikeouts and opponents are hitting .182 against him.

Williams started his career in 2019 and he has shown exceptional progress each season. Looking at his numbers, the sky’s the limit for the 27-year-old.

This season, he picked right back up where he left off. And the Brewers have enjoyed watching him go out there and put them in positions to win ball games.

When the game is on the line, who wouldn’t want Williams out there on the mound when you need a big out or three?

The Brewers sure do!

Williams finished this season with an 8-2 record with a 2.50 ERA through 58 games during the 2021 season. He also has three saves and has struck out 87 batters.

In August he was named National League Reliever of the Month. That month he made 14 appearances out of the bullpen, picking up one win and collecting all three of his saves as well.

He struck out 22 batters and did not allow a single run.

This brother and his lights out bullpen partner Josh Hader, have anchored a bullpen that is the best in all of baseball.

During the month of September, he had one lone outing where he was roughed up a little bit, but after that he’s been lights out.

On September 2nd, the San Francisco Giants, one of the hottest teams in baseball, got the best of Williams as they scored four runs and hit a home run off the righty. Those were the only runs that Williams allowed since June 23rd.

But Williams quickly locked back in after that outing and went on to make four more appearances in September where he did not allow a run.

The Brewers have enjoyed watching Williams go out there and take command each time he steps on that mound. But now they won’t be able to see what he does this postseason.

Everyone knows that when the playoffs come, that’s when the stakes are higher and the games mean a lot more.

Williams will have to just be a supporter for this postseason.

Despite his unfortunate act, Williams can go on to have a long and successful career if he continues to keep dominating like this. He’s one MLBbro that has stolen the show this season.

Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery.

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