Let me find out all it took was another injury and a move to second base to get Mookie Betts rolling again.

The multi-faceted machine has had a few physical malfunctions this year, but that slow start that everyone seemed so concerned about — yeah, the one that had some fools questioning whether or not the former MVP and two-time World Series champion should be on the All-star team — has evaporated 

All of that crazy talk is dead now. Betts is back in the groove at the right time for the Dodgers who have more talent than the Lakers and can’t get much closer to the pesky San Francisco Giants than the four games that seperate them now.  

Mookie not only further seperated himself from the pack  this week, by showing that he could easily add a Gold Glove at second base to his resume if given the chances, but his bat was scolding like old school hot irons on an unsuspecting forehead. 

Entering Friday, Betts was on a roll, going 15-for-28 (.536 BA), a 1.214 slugging percentage, seven extra base hits and five home runs including a two-homer game in Wednesday’s victory over the Astros.



He’s rounding into HOF shape at the right time and not a moment too soon.

George Springer is in a similar zone. 

After signing a mega contract with Toronto in the offseason, the former World Series MVP was hobbled by injuries throughout the first half of this season and wasn’t able to round out an already-potent Blue Jays lineup. 

With the injury bug behind him, the five-tool funkster is batting .517 with a 1.103 slugging percentage, four home runs, 11 RBI, 10 runs scored and four walks over his last seven games. 



Betts’ Dodgers will make the playoffs via Wild Card or division win, but it will be a dogfight getting past the young San Diego Padres and the stubborn Giants, who refuse to just do what the roster says and roll over for a Dodgers team that should be steam-rolling the league — especially with the recent addition of Hall of Fame talent Max Scherzer and All-Star shortstop Trea Turner. 

If they repeat, you can almost be certain that Betts will be one of the main catalysts for Dave Roberts’ squad. 

The Blue Jays are also in a treacherous division — the AL East. In order to win the division they would have to leapfrog the Yankees, Rays and Red Sox, which is highly unlikely. But with Springer finally in tow, they can make a late run at a wild card or at least set the foundation for a serious run at the division next season. 



The Blue Jays are one of the more dynamic  teams in the league boasting a plethora of young talent such as Bo Bichette and Vlad Guerrero Jr (both All-Stars with unlimited potential). They also have two uber talented free agent additions in MLBbros Springer and All-Star second baseman Marcus Semien.

Once the franchise organizes a formidable rotation, they will be a problem. 

For now, however, we get to see the incredible influence and energy that these well-accomplished MLBbros bring to the game. Betts is the heartbeat of the defending World Champions and Springer is a key veteran leader within the Blue Jays youth movement. 

What a time for these Black Knights. What a time for baseball. And its still only early August. 

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