Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and everyone else in da house.


We’re going to try something a little different with y’all over the next two weeks. We’re asking all the baseball “experts” to bring your thinking caps to the table as we initiate our first-ever baseball trivia quiz.


Think of it as a special edition of “Black Jeopardy” with a baseball flavor. The premise is pretty simple. We’re going to post some trivia questions that deal with rich history of the Negro Leagues, MLB, and beyond from past and current eras. For some of us, it’ll be a look back at a time that first attracted us to the game. For others, it will serve as a form of what the legendary rapper KRS One dubbed as “edutainment”.


Either way, we hope you come away with a newfound respect and admiration for the accomplishments and contributions of these black baseball pioneers. Okay, enough of my yakking, let’s get this thing started!


Question 1


This MLB stolen base champion was a two-time all-conference selection while serving double duty as a punter and kicker. He also played on a national championship team at the same college. Who is he?

A. Kenny Lofton
B. Vince Coleman
C. Tim Raines
D. Harold Reynolds


Question 2 

Which one of these men was the first black pitcher to throw a no-hitter in MLB history?

A. “Sad” Sam Jones
B. Don Newcombe
C. Joe Black
D. Earl Wilson


Question 3

Who is the only player to homer in the MLB All-Star Game and the Negro League East-West All-Star Classic?

A. Ernie Banks
B. Hank Aaron
C. Larry Doby
D. Jim “Junior” Gilliam

Question 4

When Willie Mays hit his 600th career homer in 1969, he was pinch hitting for a player who would eventually become a perennial All-Star and a World Series champion. Who is he?

A. Bobby Bonds
B. Garry Maddox
C. George Foster
D. Gary Matthews

Question 5

Who is the only black catcher to ever win the Rookie of the Year Award?

A. Earl Battey
B. Elston Howard
C. Earl Williams
D. Johnny Roseboro

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Bonus Question

Everyone knows the significance of April 15, 1947, regarding the MLB debut of Jackie. Robinson. What is the historical significance of September 1, 1971, and its historical impact on the game of baseball?

Come back to next week for the answers.

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