With the season passing the first quarter of the longest journey in sports, MLBbros have seen a sudden explosion of power at the plate. So much so that the weekly Chocolate Thunder segment highlighting “Bro Bombs” has kept the staff very busy as of late…



By breaking down how players can influence the game from the batter’s box by advanced stats, the game of baseball is now more complex. One of the more important analytical advanced stats watched closely is the “Highest On-Base Percentage” (also known as OPS). Two of the top three positions in all of baseball over the last 162 games through May 18 are held by MLBbros…


Behind Shohei Ohtani, his teammate Mookie Betts and reigning MLBbro MVP Aaron Judge hold the second and third positions, respectively. Besides the obvious meaning of these players getting on base at a high rate…let’s break down the stat thoroughly.

What does “Highest On-Base Percentage” really mean?

Via MLB.com:

OBP refers to how frequently a batter reaches base per plate appearance. Times on base include hits, walks and hit-by-pitches, but do not include errors, times reached on a fielder’s choice or a dropped third strike. (Separately, sacrifice bunts are removed from the equation entirely, because it is rarely a hitter’s decision to sacrifice himself, but rather a manager’s choice as part of an in-game strategy.)

A hitter’s goal is to avoid making an out, and on-base percentage shows which hitters have accomplished that task the best.

While both MLBbros are dealing with other challenges, Betts (adjustments at the shortstop position) and Judge (early season slump), both have the uncanny niche of staying at the top of the scouting report by finding themselves on base more often than not.

Mookie Betts:



Leading up to the Los Angeles Dodgers matchup with the Arizona Diamondbacks, this MLBbro has been a professional hitter in every sense of the word. Just look at his resume through 49 games…


With 4.6 plate appearances per game, Betts is averaging 1.3 hits with 2.2 total bases so far this season.


His batting average of .335 and on-base percentage of .432 is near or at the top of the MLB charts (more on the On-base percentage later!).

In 194 at-bats, Betts has 33 walks (an average of 0.7 BBs per game) and only 21 strikeouts (an average of 0.4 strikeouts per game). His slugging percentage is currently at .546 with an impressive OPS of .978.


Oh, if anyone wants to know what Mookie Betts is doing in the “Highest On-Base Percentage” this season? As of this writing…NUMBER ONE!


Aaron Judge:



Aaron Judge Rebounds From Slow Start To Have Monster May 


Man, what a difference a month makes. After suffering through the worst batting slump of his career, Aaron Judge is back, and stronger than ever with a recent AL Player of the Week honor in his pocket.


After a hitless performance on May 2 that dropped his batting average to .197, the MLBbro superstar has gotten red hot. In a 16-game stretch (13 Yankees wins) Judge has stats that are making opponents and fans all rise…

A batting average of .436 with seven homers, 10 doubles and 15 walks…

His advanced stats are even more impressive. Since May 3, his on-base percentage is .563 with a slugging percentage of 1.000. Overall his OPS is 1.563.

This three-week stretch raised his season OPS from .725 to .988.


MLBbro.com did a feature on how his detailed and disciplined work ethic helps him get through tough times…


How Judge Uses Discipline and Prep For Record Breaking Dominance


The tough times Aaron Judge had at the beginning of the season are now in the rearview mirror and he’s still among the best all-around hitters in baseball.

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