Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Jack Flaherty will look to secure his first win of the season this evening as the Tigers take on the Tampa Bay Rays.


This will be Flaherty’s fifth start of the season and he currently has a 0-1 record with 4.44 ERA.


Detroit added Flaherty during the offseason to add some depth to its starting rotation. So far, Flaherty has had some solid outings in his first season with the Tigers.


In his last appearance against the Minnesota Twins, he went six innings and struck out a season high 10 batters while giving up two runs. 


Unfortunately, Detroit could not secure the win as Flaherty got the no decision.


In each of his four starts, Flaherty has gone six innings, and the Tigers will look for him to continue to be consistent with his innings of work.


This is Flaherty’s eighth season, and this also could be his most important one of his career, after stints with the St. Louis Cardinals and Baltimore Orioles. 



He understands he has an opportunity to make an impact on a team that is looking to turn things around. Last season he appeared in the playoffs with the Baltimore Orioles. It was his first playoff appearance since 2020. He made a relief appearance against the Texas Rangers and went two innings giving up one run on two hits.


Flaherty spent the 2023 season with the St. Louis Cardinals and the Orioles. Throughout his career, he was considered a top pitcher in the league, but he’s also faced some challenges.


Black Jack Flaherty Is Second Player In Baltimore Orioles History To Retire At Least 15 Consecutive Batters In His Debut


“I had stretches where I was really good, even into the beginning of Baltimore, but sometimes you just know, you get that sense,” Flaherty said in an article from “Whatever I did last offseason didn’t work. Whether it truly was the offseason or Spring Training or the way I went about things, there’s no one true answer. It was like, ‘Let’s get back to those things.


“That’s what it comes down to: You have to be able to evaluate yourself and make those changes.”


The 28-year-old still has a lot left in the tank and this could be the season where he lets everyone know he can still be a dominant pitcher.


He also has a lot of experience as a starter and is in a position to mentor the younger players in the clubhouse. It’s also good that the Tigers starting rotation is around the same age too.


“It helps being closer in age [to the other starters] than I think some of them realize. Only being 28, yeah, I’ve been in it a little bit longer, but I’m right around the same age as the rest of them,” he said. “I feel like I’m a little bit more approachable and can relate to them a little bit more than other situations. I’m just here and trying to feel my way around things. It takes me a little bit to get totally into the swing of things, but they’ve made it really easy on me.”


Detroit sought out to acquire Flaherty for a reason and he’s a pitcher who can make an impact on a team. We are wishing the MLBbro all the best this season in Motown.

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