Diving into ‘24: MLB’s elite bros gear up for a season of record-breaking performances and headline-making plays. 

As the 2024 Major League Baseball season approaches, fans and analysts alike are buzzing with predictions for some of the league’s brightest stars. Of course, most everyone is locking in on bros such as Mookie Betts, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, Michael Harris II, Cedric Mullins, and Aaron Hicks and how they may fare this season.

Let’s dive into our “bro-dictions” for the 2024-2025 season, based on past performances, current form, and potential trajectory. 

Mookie Betts has consistently proven himself to be one of the elite players in MLB. In 2024, expect Betts to maintain his high batting average, hovering around .300. His blend of force and speed should see him rack up 25-30 home runs with approximately 20 stolen bases, making him a formidable all-around offensive threat. The Dodgers will need Betts to be the catalyst for this high-powered offense. 



Aaron Judge, known for his towering home runs, is likely to continue his power-hitting streaks in 2024. While his batting average might not be sky-high, expect him to blast over 40 home runs. He should finish the season batting around the .290 mark. His ability to draw walks will keep his on-base percentage at the top of the AL charts, making him a constant threat in the Yankees’ lineup. 



Giancarlo Stanton, coming off a mixed bag of recent seasons, Staton could see a resurgence in 2024. If this Yankee DH can stay healthy, he has the potential to hit 30-plus home runs. His strikeout rate remains a concern, but his home run capability should not be underestimated. 



Michael Harris II, one of the exciting fresh talents in the league, is poised for a breakout season in 2024. Expect a batting average above .290 with 20-25 home runs. His speed could position him to steal 20-plus bases, making him a valuable asset for the Braves both on the field and at the plate. 



Cedric Mullins will be a consistent bro for the Orioles. A potential 20-20 season (20 home runs and 20 stolen bases) is within reach. His ability to hit for average and power, combined with his speed, makes him a dynamic player in the birds’ lineup.



Aaron Hicks, while perhaps not the most acclimated name on this list, has the potential to be a steady contributor to the Angels. Recently signed with the Halos for a one-year deal, the 34-year-old is expected to DH and backup centerfield. Hicks’ batting average should land in the .250 range with 15-20 home runs. His real value lies in his on-base skills and solid outfield defense. 



The 2024 MLB season is shaping up to be a “bro-dacious” ride, with these players set to play crucial roles for their squads. 

While the unpredictable nature of sports, including injuries and other unforeseen events, can sway performance, the undeniable talent and proven history of these players indicate they’ll remain significant contributors in the MLB. MLBbro fans have every reason to be pumped about watching how these forecasts play out as the season rolls on.

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