After sweeping the National League favorite Atlanta Braves and their robust lineup out of the National League Division Series faster than you can say “Money Mike, ” the Cinderella Arizona Diamondbacks ran into a Phillies team with, a mission to get back to the World Series, inspired pitching and veteran bats that have accepted the fact that it’s hunting season. 


Tory Lovullo’s young D-Backs took two punches to the head and didn’t go down, quickly falling behind 2-0 in the best-of-seven NLCS. They got up off the mat as they have all season and engineered a masterful and clutch 2-1 win in Game 3. In the process, cooling off a band of bats that appeared unstoppable through the first two games.


Tommy Pham & Alex Thomas Make First Impact On ALCS 


Earlier in the week, highlighted Arizona DH Tommy Pham and second-year outfielder Alex Thomas as the offensive keys to a Diamondbacks comeback. They were a combined 0-for-13 in the first two games after a fabulous NLDS where Thomas hit a Bro bomb and Pham was tough to get out. 


Can Tommy Pham and Alek Thomas Turn Up With Some Home Cooking? | If Diamondbacks Want To Comeback In NLCS These MLBbros Have To Get Hot



Of course, we were assuming that the team’s top two hitters in the lineup, Ketel Marte and Lourdes Gurriel Jr. would continue to produce good at-bats, which they did in Game 3, going a combined 5-for-8 and driving in both key RBI. 


Pham finally got his first ALCS hit to help pace the offense and Thomas got an at-bat and scored one of the decisive runs. 


MLBbros Will Be Key To Arizona Diamondbacks NLCS Fate 


Bro influence was all over that win and more is expected and needed from both players as strong supporting pieces for a Diamondbacks lineup that needs to string consecutive hits together and be aggressive on the basepaths to last more than five games with a focused Phillies team. 

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