When it comes to MLBbro.com covering all of the Black and brown players of Major League Baseball, the so-called Bermuda Triangle of the news cycle is Aaron Judge.

It seems not only is he one of the top MLBbros when it comes to national recognition among his peers, but in sports period.

That attention probably was good for Tim Anderson who mouthed some words that could have easily dominated sports networks and social media alike.


“I Hate This Place” | Chicago White Sox Star Tim Anderson Says He Wasn’t Talking About Fans In Comment At First Base As Boos Rang Out


If Aaron Judge didn’t make news with glances to his right before sending one of his 11 home runs into orbit, Tim Anderson’s small conversation with Jose Abreu last weekend would have been the story dominating the headlines.

What he said to Jose brought out the social media lip reader conspiracy theorists. As of this writing, these three possibilities made the list.


  • “I hate this place.”
  • “I hate this pitching clock”
  • He hates playing at Guaranteed Rate Field.


If the second statement about the pitching clock was true, it could be considered understandable with the adjustment to the game and the pace between pitches. However, the other two statements are directly connected to the Chicago White Sox. Hence where this story lies.  

Is Tim Anderson On The Way Out or Chicago?

Going into Friday’s matchup against the Kansas City Royals, the White Sox at 16-29 are the third worst team in the majors in front of the aforementioned Royals (14-31) and the Oakland A’s (10-35) who have worse records.

It seems that our MLBbro has hit somewhat of a groove as of late after returning from injury as MLBbro contrnt reporter Kelsey Nicole Nelson mentions here… 


Tim Anderson A Scapegoat For White Sox Dysfunction 

But the longer our MLBbro stays in Chicago while the White Sox continue to struggle, the narratives will paint him as a scapegoat for the team’s problems whether it’s his fault or not. When or if this does happen, look at this play right here from Thursday’s game as the beginning point…



Coupled with the comments from Cleveland Guardians radio announcer Tom Hamilton…

“Just a routine chop and Anderson booted it,” Hamilton criticized. “And well at the end of the day folks, he’s not a very good shortstop defensively. And now Pedro Grifol (Manager of the White Sox) comes back out and Dylan Cease (White Sox pitcher) is probably saying, ‘Replace the shortstop. What did I do wrong? I got a weak chopper with the infield drawn in.”


Well there probably isn’t three shortstops in MLB the White Sox would feel comfortable trading straight up for the former batting champion.

These announcers need to get a grip spewing nonsense out of their overpaid and under researched mouths about one of the elite players and most popular in the game. 



But with the White Sox not going anywhere and the possibility of Tim Anderson wasting his prime years, maybe it’s time to find a replacement for our MLBbro and find him a better situation around the trade deadline. As of right now, the White Sox have a team option on Anderson through the 2024 season. However, his contract is affordable to help them with blowing up the roster and starting over.


“Where To Now?” The White Sox Have Spiraled Without Tim Anderson | But They Aren’t Likely To Pay Him What He’s Worth When The Time Comes


Here are some teams that could be looking for a two-time All-Star shortstop if Anderson becomes available.


Los Angeles Dodgers: 


With this team, it is always championship or bust. This team has strong ambitions along with deep pockets to fill every position with some firepower. When Trea Turner left for extra greenbacks in free agency, the Dodgers had his replacement already in mind with Gavin Lux. 


A knee injury in spring training shelved Lux for the season with Miguel Rojas currently manning the position. Watch out for the Dodgers to be monitoring Anderson’s situation closely looking to make a move.

The newfound reputation of free spending San Diego Padres mighr be willing to break bread. 


This team makes the most sense with money prospects and decent position players to make a deal that Chicago would accept.


Arizona Diamondbacks:


One of the more shocking stories of the season is the vast improvement of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Tim Anderson would fit in very well with the franchise’s vision of developing their young players. Who thought that this team would be in second place in the NL West knocking on the Dodgers door? 


If Arizona can sustain this momentum late into the season for a possible wild card slot, taking a gamble on Anderson would be an improvement over their current prospects Geraldo Perdomo and Nick Ahmed.


Los Angeles Angels:


This is all about Shohei Ohtani folks. Bottom line, the franchise is close to losing the only reason for Angels fans to leave their homes to come to the park and buy a ticket. With rumors swirling about their superstar possibly leaving in free agency with a ton of suitors after him, the Angels have to show Ohtani that they are willing to put in the work to surround him with talent. 


If Ohtani stays, he will command the spotlight and Anderson can get acclimated without all of the pressure and responsibilities of being a star.


What does the future hold for MLBbro Tim Anderson?


The  fact that no player has ever gotten a $100 million contract from the Chicago White Sox means that our MLBbro probably will be on the move whether it’s this season or the next. The White Sox can’t afford to let a talent like Anderson walk with nothing to show for it.


If a trade does happen this season, look for it to be a blockbuster and possibly the final piece to a championship contender.



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