As one of the most popular players during his MLB career, news that Yankee legend Derek Jeter was a member of an ownership group that purchased the Miami Marlins in 2017, was very intriguing to the sports world.

Marlins fans, and talking heads around the game were optimistic that the Hall of Fame shortstop would bring his five-ring, championship swag to a franchise suffering through seven consecutive losing seasons.


One of the greatest winners Major League Baseball has ever seen, hired to bring a struggling franchise back to relevancy. What could go wrong?
DJ assumed the role of CEO and immediately shook up the room, firing previous president David Samson.

Outside of a 2020 NLDS appearance, the tenure of Jeter was largely underwhelming, compiling a 218-327 record in four seasons at the helm, ultimately leading to his resignation.

Now, six years later, Samson took the time to let the world know how he really feels about Derek Jeter’s tenure as CEO.

Via: Front Office Sports Podcast:
“Derek Jeter was the perfect person to buy a team because he didn’t use his money.

And he had someone in the name of Bruce Sherman who let him do anything he wanted with absolutely no accountability. And if you can get that kind of job, you might as well go get it,” Samson said.


“He was able to bring in all his own people, and he thought that everything that I did was bad. So, he erased anything I had done, and figured he could do “Costanza”, which is the opposite day. Anything I did, he did the opposite and assumed it would work.


He assumed that he could get a bigger TV deal. He assumed he could get a big naming rights deal, that he’d get tons of season-ticket holders, that he would make the team a winning team.


And after four years, I think he realized that being a shortstop and being an executive are two totally different things.

… And I think he realized quickly that being a pitchman for Subway was probably going to be more up his alley than running the team every day and being accountable for that.”

It’s very clear Samson is no fan of “The Captain”. Jeter, well known for dodging public feuds during his career and could teach a public relations masterclass for athletes, likely won’t clap back publicly.


Despite Samson’s scathing critique, DJ’s reign wasn’t all bad.


Hiring Kim Ng, the first female GM in professional sports and overseeing the trade for MLBbro Jazz Chisolm Jr., from the Arizona Diamondbacks in 2019 were a few highlights.


The Miami Marlins, currently sit in third place in the NL East at 10-9 early this season.

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