Dontrelle Willis last appeared in a MLB game over 10 years ago, but how can you forget about this MLBbro?

In his prime, he was one of the most dominant pitchers in the game. During the 2005 season he won 22 games with the Florida Marlins, the most wins he had in a single season. He’s also one of just 15 Black MLB pitchers to ever win 20 games in a season. This prestigious group is called “The Black Aces.” 

Willis had a distinctive windup from the left side which drew a lot of attention during his playing days.

His high leg kick was very deceptive, and hitters had difficulties, especially when Willis first got into the league. And Willis had success during his career too. During his rookie season in 2003, he was named an All-Star, NL Rookie of the Year, and was a part of the Marlins team that shocked the world and defeated the New York Yankees in the World Series. the young star went 14-6 with a 3.30 ERA that season.

You don’t see many rookies having the kind of success Willis did. He quickly gained a lot of attention throughout the league after his first season. Willis played for four teams during his career and finished with a 72-69 record with a 4.17 ERA and 896 strikeouts.

Oh, and the brother could hit too, swatting .244 with nine home runs and had a .378 slugging percentage. Though he did not have much success later in his career, he still made a name for himself and is a player people still talk about to this day.

So what is the former World Series champion doing now?


Well, he’s still involved in baseball, but he’s in the booth now. In May, he joined the Los Angeles Dodgers as a member of the broadcast team. Willis brings a lot of knowledge to the broadcast booth, and he brings a lot of energy, just like he did on the hill. 


He also contributes to MLB WHIPAROUND, a nightly baseball program on FOX Sports.

Willis went through a lot of ups and downs during his career and it’s good to see how much he bounced back and is enjoying his time in the broadcast booth. During his playing career, he won at the highest level and got sent down to play in the minor leagues.

With all the experience he’s had, Willis is a perfect example of someone who young players should take advice from. Last year, he spoke with Baseball America and talked about the conversations he’s had with players.

“I tell guys, enjoy all of this,” Willis said. “Enjoy competing, enjoy being around your teammates, enjoy your name being on the back of a jersey …. just enjoy every single moment.”

Willis will be around the game for a long time, and he deserves his flowers for what he did during his playing days and what he’s doing now.

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