It was the MLBbro show on the mound in Chicago on Friday. Veteran melanated mound marauder Marcus Stroman faced his former team and friend Taijuan Walker in a pitchers duel which last about five innings, which by todays standard qualifies as a nice mound battle.

By the time the Mets won the game in 11 innings, both Walker and Stroman were long gone, but it was excellent to see both guys still putting in solid work.

Fly Tai Walker pitched 6 strong innings, allowing 4 hits with 5 Ks, threw 90 pitches and allowed  just a single run in what Keith Hernandez called as “bad a game as we’ve seen a home plate umpire have this year.”

Stroman was facing his former team after bouncing from Queens to take a $71M deal with the Cubs in the offseason.

The crafty Stro Show pitched just 4.1 innings but was impressive in his limited duty allowing just one run and striking out six Mets hitters.

The combination of Stroman and Walker kept the Mets in the NL East race for a large portion of the season last year while the team dealt with the absence of injured ace Jacob deGrom and prior to the arrival of Mad Max Scherzer this season.

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The Mets and Cubs are moving in two opposite directions with NY (58-34) leading the NL East and thinking World Series championship. The Cubs (34-57) are pretty much in rebuild mode.

Either way, both pitchers represented themselves well on Friday and the game was a win for MLBbros on the hill, anyway you slice it.


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