The Minnesota Twins took a chance on Chris Archer when they signed him during the offseason. Before this season, Archer had only thrown 19 ⅓ innings over the past two seasons. He dealt with multiple injuries that prevented him from seeing action on the rubber.

It seemed as if Archer’s career was taking a turn for the worse, but the Twins gave the two-time All-Star a shot, and he did not disappoint in his last start on June 25.

He picked up his second win of the season against the Colorado Rockies and he was lights out. 

Our MLBbro went five innings, giving up one hit and striking out five. And he was in total command from the first pitch.

Twins manager Rocco Baldelli has been pleased with Archer’s recent performance on the mound.

“He’s getting as strong as he’s, I think, ever been or at least in recent history,” manager Rocco Baldelli said in an article from “This is what it looks like. He looks good, and he can go out there and win a game for you.”

This season Archer has made 14 starts, which leads the team and has a 2-3 record with a 3.14 ERA. Those are some impressive numbers for Archer, especially since he’s been limited the past few seasons.

Some may have forgotten about how dominant a pitcher Archer was early in his career and he still in fact is very dominant on the mound.


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When the Twins signed Archer, the team knew how much of a hard worker he was, and he has displayed that all season.

“He’s going to be handled differently than everyone else, and we’re paying attention to it,” Baldelli said. “We’re doing our best to give him what he needs, and he’s giving us everything he’s got.”

Archer has been very productive in recent starts. He has not allowed more than two earned runs in his last five starts and he’s been a workhorse in the Twins rotation.

“I thought if I didn’t go seven, it was not a good outing,” Archer said after his performance against the Rockies. “But the game has changed, the circumstances of my body are different than they were eight years ago. So yeah, my expectation is a little different, but I always want to put up zeros. I always want to leave the game with the team having a chance to win.”

And he has done just that, especially during the month of June. Archer has put his team in numerous positions to win ball games. His teammates have enjoyed watching him progress throughout the season.

“What he’s doing, he’s being Chris,” Byron Buxton said. “Going out there, taking the ball every five days, giving it all he’s got — it’s all you can ask for.”

This is the Chris Archer we have been waiting to see and it will be exciting to watch how he progresses throughout the remainder of the season.

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