It must be matinee day Friday, as the best bets are batting 1-2-3 on the Friday slate:

Seanbo’s BEST bet is batting lead. The Padres w/ Yu Darvish (-160) is an easy pick here against the rebuilding (or tanking if you know their cheap ownership group) Pirates (+140) w/ RHP Zach Thompson. Darvish has been solid on the year with a 4.43 ERA, while Thompson is throwing beach balls floating at 10.80 ERA. Padres HUGE, might even sprinkle some shekels on the -1.5 line for +money odds.

Get the Seattle Mariners before the books move the current line (-130) against the up and down Miami Marlins (+110). Bookies aren’t taking into account the fact that Mariners won’t need to travel far after completing their series at Tampa Bay. Rookie starter Matt Brash (4.2 ERA, 13 SO) will have time to finish his continental breakfast in the hotel dining area before taking the bump and should be fresh to get the Mariners back into the win column after taking a few Ls in Tampa.

Finally, the sleeper pick here is the Boston Red Sox (no line posted) w/ RHP Tanner Houck up against the Orioles w/ RHP rookie Spenser Watkins. With both pitchers hovering near a 2.80 ERA, you look to the batting and the Red Sox are at .236 while the orioles are struggling deeper in the hole at .200. Hence the SLEEPER pick, as you’ll have better luck staying awake watching M*A*S*H reruns with Rob at 2am.

Bet’em straight up, or do like I DO, and throw them in a 3-team parlay, and a 2-team Round Robin Parlay. Gives yourself a chance to win if you hit 2/3. GOOD LUCK, and remember…we keeps it litty in SHEKEL CITY!

Sean Bo


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