In any level of sports, a team needs a big-time name for their fanbase to identify with. In Major League baseball, no team has struggled with its identity more than the Miami Marlins. Even with two World Series championships, the franchise has consistently been at the bottom of the league in attendance and to take it even further, relevance. 

Right now, there is no “Face of the Marlins” for fans to get excited about. Over the years, the team’s homegrown talent has not resonated with fans and the ownership group has shied away from signing expensive big-name free agents. The only names that commanded attention the last few seasons were in the front office with Derek Jeter, who recently left as CEO, and general manager Kim Ng, who made history as baseball’s highest-ranking female executive and first woman general manager in the four major professional sports leagues. 

These are admirable choices, but not enough to fire up a fanbase…until now. His name? Jazz Chisholm Jr., the charismatic and highly skilled baller also known as “The Bahamian Blur.”



Early this season, Chisholm Jr. has started on fire offensively ranking among team leaders in hits, runs, triples and home runs while leading the team in RBI. But it’s his following that has his popularity surging to levels not seen since the late Jose Fernandez, who was the Marlins’ last real superstar. No Marlins player has transcended their on-field exploits to social media or the collective industry like Jazz has. 

Recently, Jazz added the video game industry to his resume. The developers of the MLB The Show 22 not only selected Chisholm as their Faces of the Franchises Marlins card but recreated his patented Euro step home run celebration as well. 

it will be interesting to see if baseball’s biggest social media MLBbro expands his on-field production as fast as his online popularity. Teammate and clubhouse leader, Miguel Rojas has been working out and counseling Chisholm via Fox Sports to just be himself. 

“He’s already a fan favorite. Young fans, old fans, people who’ve been around baseball, they like the way he plays and everything that he brings to the table,” Rojas said. “What I say to Jazz, though, is that now is your time to focus on your game. Your game will speak for you. The things that you do on the field and off the field, you don’t have to do too much. A lot of people already like you.”’s Dante Miles featured Jazz Chisholm Jr. on the latest episode of What’s Poppin.


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