Don’t Want No Stat-ic | Dusty Baker Let The Baseball World Know Just What He Thinks Of The New Stat Era

Don’t Want No Stat-ic | Dusty Baker Let The Baseball World Know Just What He Thinks Of The New Stat Era

Baseball has found a new way of bringing discussions of sports science to fans, media, scouts and front office executives. Seemingly every week, baseball announcers are calling out the newest advanced statistic to bring a deeper meaning to the game particularly when it comes to hard hit balls coming out of the batter’s box.


It became so prevalent that has gotten in the advanced stat business trying to analyze the combination of computer and advanced metrics.



While this newer form of information continues to become more complex and detailed. More and more developmental programs are being started to supposedly help the generation get to the next level in the game but with more understanding of why. While the game is going more toward the computer age to generate more power and bat speed, is technique starting to take a backseat?



The MLBbro managerial Icon, Dusty Baker had an emphatic statement that made it to social media when he was managing the Houston Astros that leads most to believe that advanced stats aren’t everything…


“I see you guys in the video room, just looking at your swings, reading all of these stats. At some point, you have to say f— all that s— and go out there and hit. All I hear is y’all talking about launch angle and tendency and exit velocity. F–king exit velocity?! Motherf–king exit velocity?! How about motherf–king exit hits?!”

Is Dusty Baker bashing advanced stats here? No. This is probably nothing more than a social media post taking a quote out of context for clicks. But this MLBbro great is wise enough to know that hitting a baseball has simple steps that don’t need multiple advanced stats to reinvent the wheel. From his first baseball spring in MLB in the ’60s with the Atlanta Braves (with Hank Aaron as his teammate) to currently being an special advisor with the San Francisco Giants, championships included as a player and manager shows one thing…


The man may know what he is talking about when it comes to hitting. He does have enough clout in the game that Willie Mays gave him a statement to share to fans in Birmingham.


The bottom line is baseball is a very difficult sport. The speed of the game has increased. The complexity of the pitches are seemingly increasing every week and the pressures of the hitters to produce are growing with each at-bat.


But what Dusty Baker is trying to say is to not forget the basics of hitting a baseball. Sometimes it just comes down to…


  • Keeping your head down…
  • Keeping your hands back…
  • Keeping the eye on the ball…
  • Time it right and trust the mechanics that were taught…


Advanced stats in any sport, particularly baseball, don’t tell the story of what happens in a game, or the passion and heart of a player. If you disagree, will leave you with this video about the late Willie Mays, who didn’t need analytics and advanced stats to shine.


Who Will Replace Mookie Betts In LA Dodgers Lineup ?

Who Will Replace Mookie Betts In LA Dodgers Lineup ?

The Los Angeles Dodgers became baseball’s latest example of “Life comes at you fast”.


In this episode, the team was riding high after taking two of three games from MLB’s hottest team, the New York Yankees, a feat more impressive after the Yanks ran off to yet another streak.

One week later, the Dodgers first lost one of their aces, Yoshinobu Yamamoto to a strained rotator cuff.

Then two games later, their shoo-in representative for the All-Star Game Mookie Betts will be out for a considerable amount of time.


What Happened?


A few weeks back featured an article on Mookie Betts that at the time was one of championship concern, but now has turned more into a foreshadowing piece. Our MLBbro admitted that playing a new everyday position of shortstop was a considerable challenge…

The challenges were added on Sunday with Mookie breaking his left hand in Sunday’s 3-0 Dodgers win over the Kansas City Royals. Earlier this week, Dodgers manager Dave Roberts stated that Betts was slated to miss anywhere from six to eight weeks. More importantly, the team believes that surgery will not be required.

Up until the injury, our MLBbro was in the NL MVP conversation with a hitting slash of .304/.405/.488, ten homers, 40 RBI and nine stolen bases.


What’s Happening?  


Despite the Dodgers leading the San Diego Padres by 8.5 games in the NL West, Dodger Nation is not interested in a division title after the team invested over $1 Billion in offseason acquisitions (and with a collection of 11 in the last 12 years).

It’s championship or bust for this expensive roster and their series win over their rival New York Yankees did not temper expectations in the least.


Roberts’ perceived timeline gives the team belief that Betts could get back into the groove at the shortstop position before the playoffs start assuming there are options at the trade deadline.

Even though the Dodgers put Betts’ absence at six to eight weeks, the Baseball Prospectus injury recovery database states the injury can take two to three months to heal.

In short, if the Dodgers are holding the shortstop position for Betts at the end of the season with his development stunted at the moment, rust could cost them the championship defensively.

None of the replacements will match Betts offensively. To be honest, the drop-off will be massive…



Who Will Replace Mookie?

Miguel Rojas will most likely be the primary fill-in at shortstop with Kike Hernandez getting game reps as well. Rojas is a better defender but his bat has been bad.


Don’t be surprised if the Dodgers give Gavin Lux another chance. He was the plan for shortstop before ACL issues, defensive mistakes in the spring and a .542 OPS landed him at second base.


In the minors, Trey Sweeney and Austin Gauthier are options but not likely.



What Could Happen?


If the Dodgers go the trade route, their huge lead in the NL West will give them the luxury of waiting until the last minute. Even if they did wait, the market is not the strongest when it comes to shortstops.


Willy Adames (Milwaukee Brewers): Adames is in a contract year, but his production will keep him around with the Brew Crew in first place.


Bo Bichette (Toronto Blue Jays): Two-time All-Star and league leader in hits in 2021 and 2022. This season has been a huge struggle. Plus his contract ends in 2026. The Dodgers will show how serious they are if they add to the $1 billion offseason price tag for the roster.


Paul DeJong (Chicago White Sox): If the Dodgers are balling on a budget, DeJong is the guy. The White Sox are going nowhere and will be unloading salary soon. DeJong is hitting the ball hard and matches Betts’ offense somewhat.


Over time, baseball fans will be reminded of what already knows…the Dodgers need our MLBbro Takes A Look At Aaron Judge’s Hidden Talent… His Ability In the Outfield Takes A Look At Aaron Judge’s Hidden Talent… His Ability In the Outfield

Unless baseball fans have been living under a rock, you know that the MLB season has been mostly about the New York Yankees with their return to the “Bronx Bombers” era. The player in the spotlight leading the charge (and the majors) in home runs flying out of parks is MLBbro superstar Aaron Judge. With the production of Juan Soto, and fellow MLBbro Giancarlo Stanton, Judge is on an all-time historical run. Enough of a run that MLB now invited’s fearless leader Rob Parker on their network to analyze Judge’s home run prowess…


But the Yankees are also counting on their superstar to help stabilize their defense in the outfield which has been an issue since outfielder Brett Gardner left with only the oft-injured Harrison Bader as his replacement leaving a serious void in left field.


In 2024, the Yankees are trying a formula of moving our MLBbro to center field while playing periodically in right. As of this writing the Yankees are riding with a lineup including Juan Soto, Aaron Judge and Alex Verdugo. With Stanton and Trent Grisham chipping in, the defense will be an adventure for a team looking for a World Series championship this year. The caveat is most of these names are tearing the cover off the baseball.


The main reason that Aaron Judge will be okay no matter where the team puts him (center or right field) is that his mechanics and discipline is just as strong as his hitting. His positioning to field the ball to get to a quick throw is impeccable here as he throws out an opponent trying to stretch a single into a double.


Watch this perfect throw so the runner tags himself out…


To the fans that may be worried about our MLBbro’s defensive acumen in center field in September, would advise them to relax. Judge has more experience than most realize.


  • In 2022, Judge played 78 games in center back in the 2022 season in comparison to 73 in right.
  • In Judge’s injury plagued season when he was injured with a broken toe making a play in right field, he still played 18 games in center field as opposed to 54 in right.


In both of these seasons, Aaron Judge performed better in center field than right in advanced stats metrics like defensive runs saved like this example here


…and Statcast’s outs above average. Finally, our MLBbro has NEVER MADE AN ERROR in his career according to CBS Sports.


Yankees manager Aaron Boone plans to move Judge around the outfield at various times this season to cover the team’s needs. Judge will try to shoulder the responsibilities because that’s part of the DNA of franchise players. A situation much like the Los Angeles Dodgers are doing with Mookie Betts this season which covered in detail


But while the Dodgers were trying to AVOID Mookie Betts playing center field to avoid injuries, the Yanks aren’t as concerned. Despite the toe injury last season, most consider it a freak injury that happens from time to time, our MLBbro has been relatively healthy in recent years.


  • He played 157 games in 2022 with the aforementioned games played in center.
  • He played 148 in 2021 after rib (2020), wrist (2018) and oblique (2016, 2019) injuries slowed him prior.


With the combination of dominance at the plate (Yankees lead the majors in homers, slugging and other advanced stats) and on the mound (leaders in ERA) that has experts comparing this team to the 1927 World Series team, the average outfield play is more of a concern than a problem BUT…


The trade deadline is coming soon. Stay tuned.

Aaron Judge Is the Best Baseball Player On the Planet…Why Is He Not Getting His Props From His Peers?

Aaron Judge Is the Best Baseball Player On the Planet…Why Is He Not Getting His Props From His Peers?

Last weekend there was an early preview of a World Series matchup with the Los Angeles Dodgers and the New York Yankees.


The marquee was full up in this three-game series with MLBbros Mookie Betts, Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton and Shohei Ohtani and Juan Soto (who did not play due to injury).


When all was said and done, the true headliners were MLBbro super sensation Aaron Judge and Shohei Ohtani. This has been the case for a few years now.

Aaron Judge vs. Shohei Ohtani | 3 Reasons Why Each Player Wins AL MVP noticed not only the stars but the unusual amount of superstar support from the star MLBbros of each team and what makes them even more dangerous on the field and batters box…



By the end of the weekend, some things were clearly evident…


The New York Yankees will have some competition for baseball supremacy from the Dodgers as L.A. took the series 2-1.


This Aaron Judge dude is taking his game to Hall of Fame levels as he tore up Dodgers pitching with multiple hit games and three Bro Bombs.


Shohei Ohtani was neutralized in the series despite his team’s success.


Judge Tore Up Dodgers At The Plate


With Soto out, Judge did not have the luxury of having a big bat near him in the lineup. That still did not stop him from hitting an astronomical 7-11 (.636 batting average) from the plate and the aforementioned three homers and five RBI. Shohei Ohtani hit only 2-13 (.154 batting average) and a single RBI. Needless to say our MLBbro won American League Player of the Week honors…



Let those numbers sink in for last week alone and then wonder why there are players in MLB who still believe he’s not a top-two player.


The Athletic released a poll from the players (approximately 100) that placed Judge behind Ohtani, Ronald Acuna Jr., and tied with fellow MLBbro Mookie Betts.


“Forty-six percent of our voting pool named the two-time MVP as their pick for the best player in the sport. Several more players acknowledged that Ohtani was the real answer. But they elected to provide a different response for fear of being too predictable.”


Aaron Judge Dominating At Clip Not Seen Since Barry Bonds does not have that fear…just facts. Aaron Judge is dominating this sport at a clip not seen since Barry Bonds. Just look at his stats since May 15 and how far ahead his next competitor is…




A couple of seasons back, Judge was analyzed on his laser-focused preparation and on his discipline at the plate.



Now his hard work is leading to even better results. It can be argued that our MLBbro is a better all-around hitter than his 62-homer MVP season. Meanwhile, Shohei Ohtani’s ability to pitch is the luster that many refuse to let go of despite Tommy John surgery keeping him off the mound this season.


This is a G.O.A.T. conversation that maybe the sport of baseball needs and that can help all parties involved ( included, but let’s be clear, most MVP conversations are built on these criteria…


  • How good the team is: The New York Yankees, despite losing two of their last three, have won 10 of their last 12 games, extending to 27 out of 35.


  • How well is the best player doing: Since May 4 (33 games) Judge is batting .421 with an OPS of 1.588. He has 14 singles, 15 doubles and 31 walks…


He’s the reigning AL Player of the Month…

Oh…he leads the majors in homers with 24…


Put some respect on his name and recognize. All Rise!!!

The Bronx Street Boys | Can Aaron Judge And This Current Crew Of Yankees Lift The Bombers Back Into Pop Culture?

The Bronx Street Boys | Can Aaron Judge And This Current Crew Of Yankees Lift The Bombers Back Into Pop Culture?

Major League Baseball re-enters the “Must-see TV” realm this weekend when the New York Yankees face the Los Angeles Dodgers for the first time this season. This series is definitely an early season preview to a potential World Series showdown in October. It definitely has the star power. Not only are MLBbros Aaron Judge and Mookie Betts the headliners, but they have superstar tag team partners in Juan Soto and Shohei Ohtani as well.


Top MLBbro Talents Become Even More Dangerous With Teammates, Forming Dynamic Duos


While the Dodgers have the largest lead in their division at eight games, the Yankees are the class of professional baseball. After sweeping the Minnesota Twins for the ENTIRE SEASON, the Yanks are riding an eight-game winning streak and are only percentage points behind the Phillies for the best record in the game.

This rivalry is old, but not as old as the mystique of the New York Yankees championship pedigree that is evident with the superstars, the managers and most importantly the history… 27 World Series championships. But their success on the baseball diamond didn’t match the headlines around their off-field drama through the ‘70s which kind of rekindled in the ‘90s.

  • The George Steinbrenner/Billy Martin feud with the constant hiring and firing.
  • The Reggie Jackson era where his “Mr. October” legacy was born and lives to this day. Like the man has his own candy bar!
  • The jealousy of fans of other teams watching the stars either pine to the big stage in pinstripes or getting there and obtaining their dreams of attention and money!
  • Then there’s the World Series dominance over the Dodgers going back to the Brooklyn days!

It’s no secret that Yankees paraphernalia has been an easy sell over the years. Even casual sports fans have a Yankees hat in their collection. But with the combination of having possibly the top three power hitters in the game in Juan Soto and MLBbros Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton, the New York Yankees could be building their next dynasty.

But this team is more than big bats as Alex Rodriguez discusses here.

This is no longer a team that depends on power and three-run homers to demoralize opponents. The Yankees have improved almost every aspect of not only their offense but their defense and pitching as well. When this week started, the Bronx Bombers led the majors in four vital categories: OPS, ERA, homers and winning percentage.

Major League Baseball needs casual fans to join the party and the Yankees can be the catalyst. With Aaron Judge dominating the news cycle breaking the American League home run record a couple of seasons back, he is the reminder to fans to tune into every Yankees game on television to see what the hype is about.



But if the Yankees build their dynasty, this might be more like the MLBbro icon Reggie Jackson-led Yankees in the late ‘70s than the Derek Jeter-led ‘90s dynasty. Why? Reggie’s teams were just powerful and built their identity around home runs. Even though those teams were well-rounded, the big bats made the headlines. It was how those Yankees teams were winning that captured the attention of the sports world.



But there are sports fans that don’t root for Goliath; they want to see him fall. Which is how baseball gets to pop culture.

If the Yankees continue this run for the next few years, the only baseball fans that enjoy it will be in the Bronx. The rest will root for their demise. That’s something Major League Baseball is missing that other sports own and make bank off of.

  • NBA: Los Angeles Lakers with the ultimate lightning rod in LeBron James
  • NFL: It used to be the New England Patriots with Tom Brady, now it’s the Kansas City Chiefs with Patrick Mahomes
  • WNBA: Unless you have been under a rock… Caitlyn Clark in just a few games!

Naming the Yankees a potential dynasty before they’ve even won one championship may be conceived as putting the cart before the horse, but this series against the Dodgers is the start of the media hype. The ingredients are already there: The best player. The best team. The top media market in America.

Now we get to watch and see how long it takes for the Yankees to get their old enemies back!